3 powerful and brief prayers to Padre Pio to ward off evil spirits from our home

Prayer 1

O Saint Pio of Pietrelcina, who loved and imitated Jesus so much, give me to love him with all my heart. Make the prayer like you love, give me a tender devotion to Our Lady, obtain for me the grace I desire. Amen. Pater, Ave, Gloria O Jesus, full of grace and charity and victim for sins, who, driven by love for our souls, wanted to die on the cross, I humbly beg you to glorify, even on this earth, the servant of God, Saint Pius from Pietralcina who, in the generous participation in your sufferings, loved you so much and did so much for the glory of your Father and for the good of souls.I, therefore, beg you to want to grant me, through your intercession, the grace (expose) that I ardently desire. 3 Glory to the Father

Prayer 2
Padre Pio, you lived in the century of pride and you were humble. 
Padre Pio you passed among us in the age of riches
dream, play and worship: and you remained poor. 
Padre Pio, next to you no one heard the voice: and you talked to God; 
no one saw the light near you: and you saw God.

Prayer 3
Padre Pio, while we were running out of breath, 
you remained on your knees and you saw the love of God nailed to a wood, 
wounded in the hands, feet and heart: forever! 
Padre Pio, help us cry in front of the cross, 
help us to believe before the Love, 
help us to feel Mass as the cry of God, 
help us to seek forgiveness as an embrace of peace, 
help us to be Christians with wounds 
who pour the blood of faithful and silent charity: 
like God’s wounds! Amen.