Signs: Torpedo Tidal Wave – Pentagon Leaks Document Confirming Existence of Russia’s “Doomsday” Bomb…Vladimir Putin “You people in turn do not feel a sense of the impending danger – this is what worries me. How do you not understand that the world is being pulled in an irreversible direction?”

Do not underestimate how dangerous the demonization of Russia by USA media and many members of Congress truly has become.  This is THE story of our times.  As the Russia diplomat says “It is scary”

Our Lady at Fatima and Medjugorje have prophecized that without prayer and reconciliation with God there exists a possibility of  a coming conflict between Russia and the “West”.

Is “The Great Prophecy” Unfolding? 

Vladimir Putin:

You people in turn do not feel a sense of the impending danger – this is what worries me. How do you not understand that the world is being pulled in an irreversible direction? While they pretend that nothing is going on. I don’t know how to get through to you anymore.

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A key U.S. nuclear weapons document confirms the existence of a Russian long-range nuclear torpedo capable of rendering large areas of enemy coastlines uninhabitable for generations.

Kanyon, known in Russia as Ocean Multipurpose System Status-6, is reportedly a very long range autonomous underwater vehicle that has a range of 10,000km, a maximum depth of 1,000m, and a speed of 100 knots, according to claims in leaked Russian documents. 

Kanyon’s payload is a 100-megaton thermonuclear weapon twice as powerful as the Tsar Bomba, the most powerful nuclear device ever detonated.


Putin Warns:
break  down  of the western mainstream media cover-up of Vladimir Putin warning journalists of war. The Russian president met with foreign journalists at the conclusion of the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum on June 17th, and left no one in any doubt that the world is headed down a course which could lead to nuclear war.

Putin Defends Christian Culture:

Transcript of Address By President of Russia Vladimir Putin at the Valdi Forum


We see in Europe and the United States, that is the “”West”, have taken the way where they deny their own roots, including their Christian roots which form the basis of Western Civilization.

In these countries the moral basis and any traditional identity are being denied, national, religious, cultural, and even gender identities are being denied or relativised.

These policies treat a family with many children as equal to a same-sex partnership speaking judiciously. Faith in God is equal to faith in Satan.

The excesses and exaggerations of Political Correctness in theses countries indeed leads to serious consideration for the legitimization of parties that promote the propoganda of certain types.

The people in the West are actually ashamed of their religious affiliation and are indeed frightened  to speak about them.

Christian Holidays and Celebrations are abolished  or neutrally renamed as if they were ashamed of those Christian Holidays. With this method one hides away the deeper moral order ativan drug

value of theses celebrations.

And those countries try to force this model onto other countries, globally. I am deeply convinced that this is a direct way to the degradation and primitivation of culture. This leads to a deeper demographic and moral crisis in the West.

What can be a better evidence for the moral crisis of a human society in the West than the loss of its reproductive  function. And today in nearly all “developed” Western countries can not survive reproductively not even with the help of migrants.

Without the moral values rooted in Christianity and other world religions, without rules and  moral values which have formed and developed over millennia people will inevitably lose their human dignity and become “brutes and beasts”

We think it is right and natural to defend and preserve our moral Christian values.

One has to defend the right of every minority to self determination, but at the same time there cannot there cannot be any doubt about the rights of the majority.

At the same time this process at a national level in the West, we observe on an international level the attempts to create a unipolar, unified model of the world to relativise and remove institutions of international rights and national sovereignty <Putin speaks of US Imperialism>

In such a unipolar and unified world there is no place for sovereign states. Such a world needs merely vassals. From an historical perspective such a unipolar world created by the United States would mean the surrender of one’s own identity and of God created diversity.

Russia will side with those who defend the point of view that important global decisions have to be made on a collective basis and not in the interest on only one state< USA> and one group of nations <NATO>

Have a listen to Ms. Zakharova to understand the dangers.   As the Russia diplomat says “It is scary”.

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  • I sir am not afraid to defend my faith and there are many of us in America.

    • I stand with you as well sir. Ditto I am not afraid to profess my faith in Our Lord. This forum although has a lot of very good information about faith and Medjugorje. It is quite clear the author has an infatuation with Vladimir Putin. But if one is very familiar with the political scene in Russia , Vladimir Putin as I have said before is a politician with a political agenda. One needs to ask many questions in regards to Russia’s leader such as why are Mr Putin’s political opponents mysteriously are killed. Also why has Vladimir authorized the take over of countries such as Georgia and Crimea? Why does Mr Putin align Russia with tyrants and dictator countries like China and Iran. Mr Putin should think long and hard before he gives the order to launch a nuclear weapon, because the Ohio class submarine which can deliver a trident II nuclear missle 7000 miles away and is very hard to detect. To interpret prophecy one must look at many different seers messages. One from Locutions to the World Our Lady has stated Satan wants to influence world leaders to use nuclear weapons, but she sees what he is doing and has tharwted his plans many times. I put my trust in Our Lord and Our Lady

      • To Carl. The Locutions to the World are false. It is always better to stick with apparitions that approved by the church like Fatima and Our Lady of Good Success and Akita.

        God bless

        • Initial condemnation by the church does not necessarily mean an apparition or devotion is not authenic. Many seers or devotion were said to be false initially, for example padre pio, saint Faustina was persecuted for their belief or devotion. Quote from Pope Urban the VIII in cases which concern private revelations it is better to believe than not to believe for if you believe , and it is proven true, you will be happy that you have believed, because our Holy Mother asked it. If you believe and it should be proven false you will receive all blessings as if it had been true because you believed to be true. The church originally said Medjugorje was false as well. Did you believe the messages were false. I didn’t God Bless you and Mystic Post. Their are a lot of people in the US praying for this country and for Our President. The President that always refers to God in his speeches.

      • Why is liberal media in USA obsessed with Putin and Russia? I guess MSNBC and CNN are wrong about everything except Russia?

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