These tips from Santa Faustina help you to fight hard and win against the devil!

Through her, the Lord sent the great message of Divine mercy to the world and shows an example of Christian perfection based on trust in God and on the merciful attitude towards others.

Santa Faustina was born on August 25, 1905, the third of ten children, from Marianna and Stanislao Kowalski, peasants of the village of Glogowie.

At the age of nine she received First Communion; it was a profound experience for her because she immediately became aware of the presence of the Divine Guest in her soul.

Since childhood she distinguished herself for love, for prayer, for industriousness, for obedience and for a great sensitivity towards human poverty.

She attended school for just three years. Still an adolescent, she left her parents’ house and went to the service of some wealthy families of Aleksandrow, Lodl and Ostrowek, to support herself and help her parents.
« My daughter, I want to instruct you about the spiritual struggle.

1. Never trust in yourself, but completely entrusted to My will.

2. In abandonment, in darkness and in doubts of every kind, refer to Me and your spiritual director, who will always answer to My name.

3. Do not argue with any temptation, close immediately in My Heart and at the first opportunity reveal it to the confessor.

4. Put your love in the last place, so that you do not contaminate your actions.

5. Support yourself with much patience.
6. Do not neglect inner mortifications.

7. Always justify the opinion of superiors and confessors within you.

8. Move away from murmurers like the plague.

9. Let the others behave as they wish, you behave as I want from you.

10. Observe the rule in the most faithful way.

11. After having received a sorrow, think about what you could do good for the person who gave you that suffering.

12. Avoid dissipation.

13. Keep quiet when you are reprimanded.

14. Do not ask for the opinion of everyone, but that of your spiritual director; with him be sincere and simple as a child.

15. Do not be discouraged by ingratitude.

16. Do not inquire with curiosity about the roads through which I lead you.

17. When boredom and discomfort knock at your heart, flee from you Same and hide in My Heart.

18. Do not be afraid of the struggle; only courage often frightens the temptations that dare not assail us.

19. Always fight with the profound conviction that I am next to you.

20. Do not let yourself be guided by feeling because it is not always in your power, but all merit lies in the will.