Medjugorje Miracle: Else, healed by holy water.


If we can’t go to Medjugorje, will the Queen of Peace listen to us anyway?

SOURCE : LA LUCE DI MARIA (Translated from Italian by Google translate)

The story of Mrs. Else Mayr-Harting, from Vienna, is told in detail by her daughter, a doctor who was well aware of her mother’s state of health. 
Mrs. Else Mayr-Harting’s daughter testified: “I had to go on a pilgrimage to Medjugorje on May 13, 1985, but on the second day my mother was transported urgently. She was at the First Dermatological Clinic in Vienna, due to a swelling in her right foot. The foot had a large black spot in the center that denounced an initial spherical metastasis “.

Medjugorje: water, Mary’s blessing

The diagnosis, for Mrs. Else Mayr-Harting was really serious, so much so that she feared for her life. The doctors spoke of a melanoma, a malignant tumor to be operated immediately, if one wanted to try to save the patient. 
Mrs. Else Mayr-Harting’s daughter, fearing for the life of her mother postponed her trip to Medjugorje.

“Turning my thoughts to God, I brought the blessed water of Medjugorje to my mother (the bottle had been on the altar during the apparition), with which I began to continually wet her sick foot. I prayed with all my strength to Jesus and his Mother, as if we two were there, in Medjugorje. 
I continued like that for all that evening and for the next two days. And then, little by little, the malign embolus diminished and the stain narrowed, leaving black fragments of crust on the gauze while, underneath, new skin grew.

By the 6th day my mother could walk again. The operation was canceled and, on May 10th, I could leave for Medjugorje and thank the Virgin “.
Intense prayer and above all faith allowed the water of Medjugorje to act, as a blessing from the Queen of Peace.

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