He smiled and spread his hands, there was commotion and alarm….

This miracle wrought by the immeasurable love of Your God, so that while you receive Holy Communion, there will always be a living faith in you in the real presence of Jesus in the Holy Host.

On April 20, 1905 – as the Spanish newspapers reported at the time – the Child Jesus appeared in the Spanish town of Manzenedi in front of the whole congregation.

In the Redemptorist church, the spiritual exercises were just ending with a solemn rite. Pastor Don Petar Rodriguez presented the Holy Altar Sacrament and a large crowd of pious people, after the Rosary, listened to the sermon of Father Mariscal, one of the missionaries.

Suddenly, the preacher stops speaking because the people are seized by a mysterious alarm.

Some people who were sitting rose to their feet, and others rose on their tiptoes to see better. All the while, a whisper echoed through the entire church.

The preacher did not know how to interpret it, so he warned the listeners not to violate the veneration they are obliged to give to the majesty of God present in worshiping the precious Sacrament.

He managed to make people calm down a little.

But one girl, about seven years old, shouts in her tender voice: “I want to see the Child too!”

At that exclamation, the believers could no longer hold back.

Father Mariscal turned towards the Altar, where everyone’s eyes were fixed, and he also saw the great Miracle that shook the people so strongly. The priest, kneeling in front of the Altar, was enraptured by such a sweet sight.

At the place of the Showcase, the Child, who would have been about six or seven years old, was seen, dressed in clothes whiter than snow, smiling sweetly at the faithful and stretching out his arms towards them. Rays of burning light streamed from His face, and His eyes shone like two stars.

A wound could be seen on the chest, from which a trickle of blood flowed down the white dress, staining it red.

The sighting lasted a few minutes, and then it disappeared. The holy rite continued that evening in tears and sighs, and the confessionals were full until midnight; because they all wanted to confess so that the next day they could receive the beautiful Child who appeared to them on the Altar in Holy Communion.