Dear Father Livio

As always, I have followed his reflections over the past few days with interest, and each time I delve deeper by reading the blog. I was struck by his statements regarding the “Jubilee and Secrets of Medjugorje” connection. By pure chance, in recent days I have read some articles in which I found other “factors” that could further support his thesis (which I personally agree with).

I’ll try to expose them below to share them with you:

1) First of all, 2025 will be the 1700th anniversary of the Council of Nicaea. A very important Council which solemnly sanctioned the full divinity of Christ, in times in which the Church, although crossed by various internal currents, had not yet been torn apart by schisms and divisions, and which found new impetus after a long period of persecution.

2) Precisely by virtue of this anniversary, it seems that Pope Francis and Bartholomew (Patriarch of Constantinople) intend to find a common date for Easter for all Christians of the East and the West. A historic event, and moreover in 2025 it will happen naturally due to the coincidence of the Julian and Gregorian calendars. 

3) In 2025, moreover, it will be 100 years since the proclamation of the solemnity of the Feast of Christ the King, proclaimed by Pius XI in 1925.

In fact, won’t the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary be Christ who comes to vigorously reaffirm his lordship over human history, through the hands of his Mother?

4) We must also consider that time passes: while wishing Father Petar another 40 years of full health, I believe that it would not be wise to entrust a person who is too old with such a burdensome task as the revelation of the Secrets (which he will bring with him a considerable media pressure and, simply, a burden also from a physical point of view, considering that before each secret he will have to spend a week in fasting and prayer.

In short, it is not exactly a light task suitable for a 90 year old, from every point of view.

5) This date, 2025, would also be consistent with the famous prophecy of Saint John Bosco, who would see “the iris of peace appear on Earth” before May 2026. Surely you also know this writing of the Saint.

If we then wanted, we could add a reflection drawing inspiration from another well-known Marian apparition such as Garabandal (which is an anticipation of Medjugorje and to which saints such as Saint John Paul II, Padre Pio and Saint Paul VI have given credit). According to the declarations of one of the visionaries, the events would have begun in conjunction with or immediately after an important Synod.

We know that the current Synod is exceptional, in terms of duration, involvement of the faithful and relevance of the issues addressed (alas, often divisive).

There would be other clues linked to these apparitions, but I think you know them better than me.

Closing this parenthesis, I would like to say only this: it is true that the supernatural always surprises and that what matters is to be ready as if the Lord were calling us before him today, but there are good reasons to believe that the next 2 -3 years will be very important, if not decisive.

Every event, of a material and spiritual nature, in the Church and in the world, must be read increasingly from a spiritual perspective and according to secrets. We must therefore prepare ourselves with the weapons that the Queen of Peace has given us, because each of her “apostles of my love” will be asked to bear witness and to call to faith our brothers and sisters who in times of tribulation would risk remaining disoriented and overwhelmed. from events, giving them a vision of hope amidst the upheavals that will happen.

I greet you cordially, thank you and ask you: never tire of exhorting the children of the Gospa to prepare for the times that await us, and which I personally perceive as imminent.

In this phase of my youth (I am 25 years old) I feel less and less attracted towards the entertainment, vanities and alienating fashions of the world, as if the Holy Spirit was forging me in silence to return to the essentials and prepare me to be a soldier of Mary in the time of secrets.

I apologize if perhaps I digressed, I wanted to share these thoughts and this brief testimony of mine with you, hoping that they will be of help for further reflections and comfort for other young people like me.

I pray for her, Hail Mary!


Dear Gianmarco,

Thank you for your careful reflection and your kind way of arguing. There is no doubt that for a heart docile to grace the signs of the times, which Providence spreads to guide us like the Magi with the star, are innumerable and increasingly convincing.

I agree with you that “every event of a material and spiritual nature, in the Church and in the world must be read increasingly from a spiritual perspective and according to secrets”.

In fact, this time into which the Church and humanity is entering is an appointment foreseen from eternity by the plan of salvation of God the creator and redeemer.

It is in fact the great attack of the empire of darkness to destroy the Church of Christ, erase the faith and bring the entire creation back under the power of the evil one.

The forces that the prince of this world is deploying have firmly installed themselves in countless hearts, corroded by pride, hatred and greed.

What happens every day demonstrates the dictatorship of hell, which now largely dominates the planet that God gave us to be the home of peace.

All would be lost without the intervention of Divine Mercy, which sent the Immaculate to cut off the head of the dragon of rebellion and arrogance.

At this moment nothing is more important than preparation for this battle, whose glorious outcome is already written in the heavens, but which the blinded frequenters of the abyss delude themselves into winning.

For this reason I applaud your decision to abandon “the entertainment, fashions and alienating vanities of the world”, to allow the Holy Spirit to make you a soldier of Mary for the time of secrets.

I hope that many young people will open their eyes to the danger they run of not grasping this moment of grace of Mary’s presence and squander their lives chasing the false lights of the seducer from the beginning.

The Immaculate Heart will triumph!

Ave Maria

Father Livio