Tremendous Revelation of a Vatican Priest who read the entire Third Secret of Fatima


Source: Forum Of Mary (Translated from Spanish to English)

“Those who read the third secret of Fatima, except for the Vatican hierarchy, say that what it contained is much more than what the Vatican revealed in 2000.

Even those who have dedicated themselves to studying it in depth have concluded that there is a section that was not released.

In addition, researchers like Antonio Socci, began to study the issue to debunk rumors that the 2000 text was incomplete and ended up firmly believing that there is something else that was not published.

Here we will talk about what the priest Malachi Martin revealed about the content of the Third Secret of Fatima, which he read in 1960, provided by John XXIII himself.

Father Malachi Martín was an Irish Jesuit who was born in 1920 and died in 1999.

He was a paleographer who dedicated himself to studying ancient documents from biblical times.

A world-class scholar, who earned three doctorates, developed fluency in eight languages, and was an expert in Semitic writing since the time of Abraham.

At the age of 30, he had already become a professor at the Pontifical Biblical Institute.

He was also a highly respected exorcist.

And John XXIII took him to Rome because he wanted a person with extensive Muslim and Jewish contacts.

And he became an assistant to Cardinal Bea and an active participant in the Second Vatican Council.

It is said that he was being groomed to enter the ruling elite of the Church for his recognized brilliance.

But at some point, Father Martin seemed to have become disillusioned with the leadership of the Church and in particular the Jesuit order.

And in 1964, almost at the end of the Council, he asked to be released from his vows and live independently.

He was driven, as he put it, by his conclusion that many in the Church, and particularly in his own order, were more interested in power than in saving souls.

And later he would denounce the Jesuits for siding with the Marxists, especially in Central and South America; he was referring to Liberation Theology.

In 1965, he moved to New York, where he worked washing dishes and driving a taxi, but soon established himself as a writer, writing 17 successful books, about fictional stories, but that he would later say that 90% had happened, although he had disguised them. .

His novels are prescient, especially 1998’s “Windswept House,” with a plot that focuses on pressure being exerted on a pope to resign so that a pope who will make liberal changes can be elected.

He died of an intracerebral hemorrhage due to a fall, and in a documentary it was said that when he entered the hospital he reported that he was pushed by a demonic force, from the stool on which he was standing.

Father Martin acted as private secretary to Cardinal Augustin Bea for six years, from 1958 to 1964, at the time of the Second Vatican Council.

During this time he said he read the Third Secret of Fatima and got to know the main players who orchestrated the changes that took place in the Church.

He recounted, for example, that during the Second Vatican Council, Cardinal Bea came to Martin’s room in anguish and sweating anxiously.

And he told him that he had just heard the theologian Hans Küng, at that time a priest, say that unlike the Protestant rebels of yesteryear, he and his group would stay within the Church and change it from within.

One day in 1960, Martin found himself traveling in a car with Cardinal Bea and John XXIII.

There were four people present in the vehicle: the driver, Pope John, Cardinal Bea and Malachi Martin.

And during that trip, Pope John himself gave Malachi the Secret to read, because he was fluent in Portuguese.

It was written on a sheet of paper, not on the four sheets of paper presented by the Vatican in 2000.

And on many subsequent occasions Martin spoke of the Third Secret, even though he was under an oath not to explicitly divulge its contents, but cleverly sidestepped it.

When another person touched on matters of the Secret, he would say yes or no , whether he was in on the secret or not, to comply with not divulging it.

For example, in his last live interview in the late 1990s on the Art Bell show, before millions of listeners, Malachi said that there is something terribly horrifying about the Third Secret.

He admitted that there will be a world war and a great disaster in which many people will die.

And then he made it clear that God would finally have to intervene with the three days of darkness.

And that this was beyond anything imaginable.

Most shocking was that a listener told Martin, that he had heard from a priest, who had claimed to have read the Third Secret, that the last Pope would be under the control of satan , and that when Pope John XXIII read this, he was he fainted, thinking it might be him.

To which Martin replied, yes, that sounds as if he had read the text of the Third Secret.

In 1997, Father Martín referred to this possibility in more detail, saying that we could have an apostate Pope, and that in that case we would be involved in something terrible.

We would be in something like a nightmare that would test the faith of the people and that the faith of the majority would be shattered.

If this happens, he said, the kingdom of darkness would have the prize and everything would have to go underground.

Let us remember that already in the apparition of Our Lady of La Salette, in 1846, Our Lady spoke that Rome would lose faith.

And the Abbé Combe, editor of the Secret of La Salette, said that the seer Melanie explained that the Church will be eclipsed and that for a time the holy sacrifice will cease to be offered in churches, there will be no more public worship.

But nevertheless it would not cease , it would be offered in caves, in tunnels, in barns and in houses.

As reported by Malachi Martin , the Third Secret covers three main themes.

A physical punishment to nations, involving catastrophes , man-made or natural, on land, in water, and in the atmosphere.

A spiritual punishment, much more terrifying and distressing, especially for Roman Catholics than physical difficulties, which would consist of the disappearance of the faith, a period of widespread infidelity in many countries.

And third, that Russia was the regulator of the Fatima calendar.

The role of Russia is very important, because the cure for the ills of the world will begin in Russia.

And that is why the Virgin Mary has actively spoken about Russia at Fatima.

Salvation will come from that area, above all from the Ukraine and from Russia itself, which is extraordinary.

Martin said in 1990 that what was said in the Third Secret of Fatima was already being fulfilled , the Church was in the midst of an apostasy that was becoming general.

And he declared in 1997 that a large majority of Catholics were in apostasy, led to a loss of faith by men of the Church in apostasy.

He said more than 20 years ago that a considerable minority of Cardinals, Bishops, Priests and Religious were in apostasy.

That they no longer professed the basic truths of Catholicism and yet were in charge of the church.

We are facing a car demolition, he said.

And he said more, in Rome there is an immovable force, which cannot be dislodged by ordinary human means.

That is why Christ chose His mother who should be the one who would come and finally save the Church.

Finally he said that this terrible process could be avoided , it need not happen, if two requests made by the Virgin Mary were granted.

One, that whoever wants to be the Pope, publish the full text of the Third Secret so that everyone can read it and know it.

Two, that then the Pope, with all his bishops acting collegially, explicitly consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Malachi Martin also said that a powerful group had carried out a consecration to the devil within the Vatican.

And then, asked about this, the exorcist Gabriele Amorth replied that it is perfectly credible, that it has probably been done.

But this is a topic for another occasion.

Well, up to here what we wanted to tell about what one of the people who read it has said about the content of the Third Secret of Fatima.

This was told by Father Malachi Martin more than 20 years ago and the things that he told that it would contain seem to be starting to happen more and more clearly.

Perhaps we should pray for what Malachi Martin suggested, that the Church publish the third secret of Fatima in its entirety and that the Pope consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, in union with all the bishops of the world and specifically naming Russia.

And I would like to ask you if you consider that there are already clear signs that the facts that the third secret of Fatima would contain are beginning to unfold, or not yet.