Truth places the soul in order

When the Lord gives me the grace to read an extract or a passage from The Book of Heaven by the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta, I am truly touched by what I read. And, I feel that I need to share these jewels of wisdom with which the Lord makes me meet with all of you!

I want to share with you what I read for August 18, 1899. Its heading is very telling: Truth places the soul in order. Thus, writes Luisa:

This morning, as most loving Jesus came, I said to Him: ‘My beloved Jesus, I believe that everything I write is all nonsense.’ And Jesus: “My word is not only truth, but also light, and when a light enters a dark room – what does it do? It dispels the darkness, and makes one distinguish the objects that are in it, whether they are ugly or beautiful, whether there is order or disorder; and from the way that room is found, one judges the person that occupies it. Now, the human life is the dark room, and when the light of truth enters a soul, it dispels the darkness – that is, it makes her distinguish what is true from what is false, the temporal from the eternal, in such a way that she casts vices away from herself and places the order of virtues within her. In fact, since my light is holy – it is my very Divinity – it cannot communicate anything but sanctity and order, and so the soul feels light of patience, of humility, of charity and the like come out of herself. If my word produces these signs in you, why fear?”

 After this, Jesus let me hear how He was praying the Father for me, saying: “Holy Father, I pray to You for this soul – let it be that she fulfill Our Most Holy Will perfectly in everything. Let it be, O adorable Father, that her actions be so conformed to Mine, that one might not be distinguished from the other, so that I may accomplish what I have designed upon her.” But who can say the strength I felt being infused in me by this prayer of Jesus? I felt my soul being clothed with such strength, that in order to fulfill the Most Holy Will of God I would not have cared suffering a thousand martyrdoms, if this were what He pleased. May the Lord be always thanked, who uses so much mercy with this poor sinner.

This pericope offers some interesting points of reflection. First, our human life is like the dark room which direly needs to be ordered since the darkness impedes it from being so. Second, Jesus’ light dispels the darkness and helps us distinguish the objects that are in it, if principally they are ugly or beautiful, if there are in order on in disorder. Third, the actual state of that life shows precisely the state of the person who is living it. Fourth, Jesus’ divine light communicates holiness and order. Fifth, when our soul meets with Jesus’ light it is soaked in patience, humility and charity. Consequently, it starts giving these very signs to the people around it. Sixth, it is the prayer of Jesus alone to the Father that it gives us the strength to fulfill perfectly and entirely the Father’s, Jesus’ and the Holy Spirit’s Most Holy Will in everything we engage ourselves in. Seventh, Jesus’ prayer to live the Divine Will in its minutest details is the prayer we need to be in this marvelous state of the Triune God’s very Being.

Lord Jesus, help me fulfill the Father’s, Yours and the Spirit’s Most Holy Will perfectly in everything. May my actions be so conformed to Yours that one might not be distinguished from the other, so that I may accomplish what You have designed upon me. Amen.


Fr Mario Attard OFM Cap