The prophecies are being fulfilled before our eyes: how can we protect ourselves from their destructive effects?

Biblical and extra-biblical prophecies are being fulfilled before our eyes.

Moral depravity, confusion and violence are escalating at a speed previously unimaginable.

We are entering a tribulation, permitted by God, to remove power from the devil, purify the world and thus restore a good part of the gifts that humanity lost through sin.

And the process is accelerating, we are seeing it.

So, what should we do to avoid falling into confusion and protect ourselves and our loved ones?   

Here we will talk about how the prophecies are being fulfilled, how the tribulation is escalating, and what things we have to focus on, to protect ourselves and become creditors of the extraordinary gifts that God wants to give to the faithful at this time. 

Biblical analysts maintain that when God allowed the Jews to return to their land and became a nation again, in 1948, and then in 1967 they made Jerusalem the capital of the Jewish nation, biblical prophecies for our time began to be unleashed. .

Daniel’s prophecy, in chapter 9 of his book in the Bible, describes a period of 490 years, non-sequential, in which the people of Israel would eventually be restored to their land and Jerusalem would be rebuilt.

And then there would come a period of seven years where there will be a great tribulation that will precede divine intervention to purify the world.

It is the time of Jacob’s trouble, a period of tribulation and suffering described in the book of Jeremiah 30:7, where God tells the prophet Jeremiah that the people will experience an unprecedented period of trouble, but also promises that his people will be delivered from this anguish.

This whole scenario does not arise spontaneously, but rather occurs in historical times.

Towards the eve of the new millennium, John Paul II warned of a crisis developing in modern culture.

And the prophecies also inform us, that as we approach the climax, events will happen more quickly, with more violence, and one on top of the other.

For example, in 2020 and 2021 we had the coronavirus pandemic and the announcement by the world’s elites to create a new world order.

Man himself would unleash Hell on Earth. 

In early 2022 Russia invaded Ukraine and in 2023 Hamas attacked Israel and it responded strongly.   

And not only that, we have dozens of other wars in the world, among which the one in Artaj stands out, between the Armenian Christians and the Muslims of Azerbaijan.

We are experiencing the winds of a storm, consistent with what Jesus described in Matthew 24, and which John saw in more detail in the opening of the seals of Revelation 6. 

The drums of a Third World War are already sounding. 

Hell is landing en masse on Earth. 

Those who refuse to acknowledge this battle risk being overwhelmed by it. 

And those who want to compromise with sin are putting themselves in serious danger. 

We are all seeing that hatred of God, faith and all that is holy is now explicit and even celebrated.

Satanists and witches are increasingly coming to light and being normalized on social media.

Many parents have been watching their children convert to this perverse world when they entered university, but now they are led into that world at increasingly younger ages; in some places even in primary education.?

Something has changed, and the room for doubt that something strong is happening has disappeared.

The lines are increasingly marked. You are either for God or against Him. 

The lukewarm are being canceled and will be spit out.

The strategy of demons is to take away peace from people, by draining them of hope. 

And the key to defense is trust in God, remaining united to God, as the branches remain united to the vine, so that they bear fruit.

“He who abides in Me and I in him will bear much fruit, because without Me you can do nothing,” says the Lord in John 15. 

While Psalm 23 tells us that “even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you will be with me.” 

Because furthermore, in the midst of this culture of death, in the midst of the last death rattles of this era, Jesus wants to grant new graces to his people before the eyes of our enemy, he spreads a table for us before our enemies, as Psalm 23 says. . 

And the way to receive those graces is to be faithful, trust and love God, remain in Him, taking your eyes off the storm and putting them on Jesus.

Let these four words, “Jesus, I trust in You,” be constantly in your heart throughout the day.

But also remember that this is the time of Mary, the one that Genesis 3:15 reveals as the eternal enemy of the evil one and the one who will step on his head.

The one who in Revelation 12 appears as the Woman Clothed with the Sun.  

She is our Mother who protects and helps us, not in vain, at the exact moment of our redemption, Jesus presents her to us as our Mother.

That is why Padre Pio said “love the Virgin and pray the rosary, because it is the weapon against the evils of today’s world.”

Mary is fundamental at this time, because she shows us the need for the gift of strength, so that we can stand firm in the face of difficulties, in a post-Christian world that is rapidly sinking into moral depravity. 

And how should we handle ourselves in this chaos?

Staying close to the Sacraments, Jesus, Mary and prayer is of utmost importance at this time.

Prayer should be said from the heart, not as a collection of words to fulfill.

Above all, remember that prayer can lessen tribulation.

Talk to God as a friend, listen to Him in the Scriptures.

Go to Mass and take Communion as much as you can, go to confession, spend time in Eucharistic adoration, pray the rosary daily, and begin to familiarize yourself with the Liturgy of the Hours.  

And close the cracks that may exist in your life.

Pray every day as a family, for their intentions, asking especially for sinners.

Use Holy Water to bless all family members.

Use sacramentals such as the Scapular, the Saint Benedict medal, the Miraculous medal, and bless them with a priest.

Have a priest bless your home.

Hang an image of the Sacred Heart or the Divine Mercy, the cross of Saint Benedict and the Blessed Virgin in your home, and consecrate your family to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, 

Let parents use their authority to rebuke evil spirits when they see them trying to attack the family. 

And do not forget your Guardian Angel, who was placed by God at your side to assist you, so turn to Him on every dangerous occasion.

And also separate yourself from those who lead you to sin.

And those that attract evil spirits, due to their darkness.

Do not watch horror, violent or lustful movies, because they are a door to evil.

The same with music.

Guard your eyes from lustful things and perversions , because Jesus said that the eye is the lamp of the body. 

Well, up to this point we have talked about how to protect ourselves in the tribulation that we already have upon us, and that is escalating, and how to obtain the graces that God has reserved for the most faithful of this time.

And I would like to ask you what you think will give you more will to better comply with these protection recommendations that we have given