Spiritual thought on awareness of the gravity of the situation

(Source Fr. Livio’s Blog)

Dear friends, when the war suddenly began in Ukraine, on February 25, 2022, Our Lady gave a dramatic message. On October 7, the day of the Blessed Virgin Mary of the Rosary, there was the terrible attack which resulted in over a thousand deaths and over five thousand injuries and the brutality of the assault was impressive. The fact that this event bears the date of October 7th makes us understand how the Madonna had already put a stop to Satan’s desire to set the world on fire. From the message given to Ivan on October 20th, we can see the concern and apprehension of the Madonna who wants us to understand the gravity of the situation .

The Queen of Peace, on the eve of the events that occurred in the Soviet Union in 1991, had given a very alarming message identical to the one given to Ivan on 20 October 2023. Our Lady called for awareness of the gravity of the situation and added that much of what will happen depends on our prayers; in this sense you have made us very responsible. We can well say that the current situation in the Middle East, from the point of view of Heaven, is explosive and perhaps even goes beyond this area as can be seen from the echoes it has in the world, especially in the West where it has once again returned to the mirage of a new Holocaust emerges.

Our Lady had long predicted what was happening, she told us several times that Satan wants to destroy our lives and the planet on which we live. To these warnings you added that God loves us and sent you to save us. When we underline the gravity of the situation we do not want to do the psychology of terror but, by reading Our Lady’s words and sticking to them, we want to look to the future with hope. This is the approach of the followers of the Gospa: not to be superficial, not to veil the very serious reality in which the world finds itself, but to look at the remedies that the Queen of Peace offers us.

Our Lady’s remedies are effective to the extent that we welcome them from God as a gift. The Queen of Peace said that much of what will happen will depend on our prayers, this is of great comfort to us.

Our Lady wants us to understand the gravity of the situation. The Queen of Peace sees that Satan attempts to prevail so that the war reaches such proportions that it becomes a fire that destroys the world. On the agenda is what we don’t see but what Our Lady sees from Heaven and she wants to make us aware. Above all, Satan’s desire for destruction, hatred and death will be on the agenda in the time of the Secrets (from the fourth to the tenth). This is the picture that could not be more terrible but which leaves us at peace because much of what will happen depends on our prayers. This is the perspective through which we must look at these moments.

Global information is confusing us and we are unable to have an objective vision. We must cultivate Our Lady’s messages and prayer in order to maintain the perspective of hope and our responsibility.

Hope, because Our Lady is present.   
Serenity, because Our Lady is here to win.

It is very important for us not to be overwhelmed by what clouds our spiritual sight. We must enter into the supernatural perspective aware that a great battle is underway between God and Satan.

Never lose the supernatural perspective. Never lose serenity and at the same time be aware of our responsibility which is what Our Lady indicates to us: prayer, fasting and sacrifices for peace.

«Dear children! The winds of evil, hatred and restlessness
blow across the earth to destroy lives.
Therefore the Most High sent me to you to guide you towards

the path of peace and communion with God and with men.
You, children, are my extended hands: pray, fast and offer sacrifices for peace, the treasure for which every heart yearns.
Thank you for answering my call”
(message of October 25, 2023)

With the awareness of the extent of the spiritual war that is underway, we take up the weapons that Our Lady has given us: we pray, we fast and we offer sacrifices for peace, a treasure for which every heart yearns.

From “The Christian Reading of News and History”