We are the Great Tribulation Generation! How Loss of Faith is Leading Us into Darkness


The satanic doctrines that are destroying the church and the world grow as faith is extinguished.

Are we the generation of the Great Tribulation?

Are we the generation experiencing the greatest apostasy of all time?

And if so, then how did we come to this crisis of faith?

How is it possible that Christ’s legacy is being destroyed, even within those who claim to be his followers? 

The answer is simple and shocking.

Without realizing it, we embraced doctrines that led to the denial of God’s revelation.

We deny that God revealed himself to men, and left his commands in the Bible.

We deny that the Church was commissioned by Christ to interpret the Bible.

And these satanic doctrines have caused a great crisis of faith and then the tribulation.

What were those doctrines?

Here we will bring to light why certain doctrines produced the greatest crisis of faith of all time, and today we can clearly see that they are satanic, how they were embraced by Christians, and what is the way in which we will surely get out of them.

Our Lord said in 1977 to Father Ottavio Michelini,

“Never, my children, has such a universal crisis of faith tormented humanity. 

Satan has caused, with your complicity, this frightful darkening in souls.”

“We are facing a crisis of interior life, that is, a crisis of grace.”

And he defined that grace is the participation of the divine life of God in the human soul.

While materialism is the absence of God in the human soul and the incarnation of Satan.

And he also revealed,

“If faith in man is in crisis, so are hope, prudence, justice, fortitude, piety, temperance, love and fear of God.”

Therefore, the lack of all this in the human soul has caused the terrible crisis that all of humanity is suffering, and not just the faith of Christians.

And then he promised,

“Although I am infinite and immutable Love, I tell you that the time of Mercy is about to give way to the time of Justice.

The Cross will defeat the Serpent and my Mother will crush its head again.

I, Jesus, the Savior, will once again be the Light, currently extinguished and suffocated in many souls, even those of the priests.

How did we get to this situation of crisis of faith? What happened in recent decades that caused such a crisis?

The new theologies convinced believers that an objective supernatural revelation of God for all time and place is not reasonable, but that what there is is an experience of God in each person.

Therefore, people who demand that there be a higher and more objective standard of truth than human experience are asking for an idol and are immature in faith.

These new ways of considering God have been growing since the 19th century, but it was in the 1960s that they emerged.

With the sexual revolution and the Second Vatican Council, acceptance of new moralities grew.

And certain practices began to be accepted, which not long before were considered sinful.

And they were successful, because the faith of many Catholics had been weakened due to those modernist theories that proposed that God’s revelation was only personal. 

How is this?

This new criterion that does not force one to rely on the scriptures and tradition of the Church for guidance, and allows one to rely solely on conscience to determine the course of action, is known as “situational ethics.” 

He argues that moral decisions should no longer be based on universal moral laws, such as the Ten Commandments.

And that objective moral norms or laws have little value.

Because since each situation is different, only the conscience of the individual should determine what is morally correct, regardless of any universal principle or law.

Therefore, moral decisions must be based on one’s personal judgment in a given particular situation.

In this way faith is reduced to a matter between individual conscience and God, that is all God asks they say. 

And Christians must then decide on their own actions, rather than relying on external laws that God supposedly dictated for all time and place, for guidance.

This led to the rise of humanism. 

Traditional theology emphasized God as the center of all things.

While the new theology put man at the center.

God was not apparently denied, but love and service to God was reduced to love and service to one’s neighbor.

And so love of neighbor became the first and main commandment, as can be seen in many homilies today.

Traditional theology emphasized that truth is eternal and immutable, based on the immutable nature of God.

While the new morality affirmed that all things are constantly evolving , so there are no absolute rules that apply to all situations.

Traditional theology emphasized that God gave man an inner guide, conscience, but also an outer guide, the scriptures, treason, and the teaching of the Church, to safeguard and interpret divine revelation. 

The new morality emphasized that only conscience should be our guide in following Christ. 

They did not eliminate the norms found in the Scriptures, but any guide from the Church to interpret them , so that the individual’s conscience remained the absolute owner of personal decisions.

And this changed the meaning of Christianity without most people realizing it. 

Still going to Mass and receiving the Sacraments, he allowed one to use their free will to reject the biblical and official teaching of the Church.

The majority who are traveling the path of moving away from the objective revelation that God made to men do not understand this tremendous change.

So we have to talk about it and make it aware.

Many of those who are understanding what has happened are praying and fasting for God to change this situation.

It is the faithful remnant, the people of God faithful to the gospel, who are mobilizing in spiritual battle. 

So that the veil of satanic lies and deceptions is lifted and a restoration of faith soon arrives.

At the same time, the Lord and His Blessed Mother are now exposing the enemies of the truth, through the messages they give to their instruments.

And the Blessed Virgin has been appointed by the Holy Trinity, to expose and dismantle false satanic doctrines , in the same way that she won other battles for her children in the past. 

So, the works of darkness are beginning to be exposed and their fruits slowly coming to light.

Thus it was said to Father Gobbi in 1991, “it will be again in the name of Mary that I will complete My work with the defeat of Freemasonry, of all diabolical forces, of materialism and practical atheism, so that all humanity can achieve its encounter with the Lord and thus remain purified and completely renewed, with the triumph of My Immaculate Heart in the world.”

Will the Warning and the Miracle of Garabandal be the ones that will deliver this final blow?

Well, here is what we wanted to tell about how doctrines penetrated among Christians that