When Jesus returns in his divine glory and appears to all mankind, everyone will see what the three apostles, Peter, James and John saw on Mount Tabor The transfiguration of the Lord Jesus Christ is a magnificent event in which the disciples of Jesus realized his divinity on a hill called Tabor. 

The church commemorates that event on August 6, and on that day the priest Don Stefano Gobi had an apparition and received the following message:

 “Climb with Me to the holy mountain of grace and holiness, so that you may be enlightened and transformed by the glorious light of my son Jesus. He is the Father’s Only Begotten. 

He is the Father’s Word, born from eternity, coexistent with the Father. His perfect image and reflection of His Divine radiance. – King of eternal glory. 

As he was transfigured on Tabor before Peter, John and Jacob, so he appears to you in the splendor of his divine glory, if you climb with me to the holy hill of humility, love and purity, silence and prayer. 

The father reveals his secrets only to children and little ones, while he hides them from the great and wise. 

The Son reveals his divine splendor to you, little children, whom I shaped and led with motherly care, to the hill of holiness. – King of eternal glory. 

When the Word became Flesh in my virginal womb, the human nature he assumed completely covered his divine radiance. 

Thus his human nature completely hid his divine nature. 

Look at the newborn baby laid in the manger, who needs everything; a boy developing into a man; a young man doing his daily work; a man of pain who bears the burden of weakness, rejection, condemnation, scourging, crowning with thorns, crucifixion and death on the Cross. 

You see how his divine nature is completely destroyed by his human nature. Nevertheless, I worshiped God in my son Jesus with an unceasing heroic act of faith, and in my soul I always observed him in the splendor of his Divinity. – King of eternal glory. 

At the moment of resurrection, his Divinity is manifested in all its glory, so that it also takes on his human nature. 

In the resurrected Jesus, his human nature is magnified, because now his body is glorious, as the three apostles saw it at Tabor. “And he was transfigured before them: And his face shone like the sun, and his clothes became white as light” (Mt 17, 2). 

In heaven, Jesus sits at the right hand of the Father, in the glory of his divinity. Today you must look more to the eternal glory of Jesus Christ. Many doubt His divine nature; they dispute his Word; they deny the historical event of His resurrection. 

Dear sons, boldly announce to everyone the divinity of my son Jesus. Let the radiance of his Truth shine upon you. Remember his death, proclaim his resurrection, in anticipation of his glorious coming. King of eternal glory. 

When Jesus will return in his divine glory and appear to all mankind, everyone will see what the three apostles, Peter, James and John saw on Mount Tabor. Jesus will be revealed in his glory, and his human nature will be completely transformed by the brilliant light of his Godhead. 

Then the whole universe will proclaim Jesus Christ as the Son of God, the perfect image of the Father, the Word made flesh, the only Savior. 

He for whose sake all things were created and who has the power to subject all things to himself. Jesus will bring his glorious kingdom into the world; it will be a kingdom of holiness and grace, justice, love and peace. 

Beloved sons, live in joyful anticipation of his glorious return. That’s why I invite you to walk with Me on the path of smallness and humility. 

The Father will reveal to you the secret of his Son; The Holy Spirit will make known to you the whole Truth; Jesus Christ will appear to you in the splendor of his divine person, so that everyone would worship him, so that everyone would love and glorify him as the King of eternal glory.”