A message from Our Lady of Medjugorje to reread

Medjugorje: “Wipe from my face the tears I pour by observing what you do”

Here is the message from Medjugorje of January 28, 1987:

My dear children! I came to you to lead you to the purity of the soul and, therefore, to God. But how did you welcome me? At first without believing, with fear and distrust of the boys I have chosen. 


Then a majority of you welcomed me into his heart and began to put my maternal requests into practice. But unfortunately this didn’t last long. Wherever I go, and with me my Son, there also Satan reaches me. You have allowed, without realizing it, that he takes over you, that he dominates you.

Sometimes you understand that some of your actions are not allowed by God, but you quickly stifle this feeling. Do not yield, my children! Wipe from my face the tears I pour out of watching what you do. Look around! Find time to draw close to God in church. Come to your Father’s house. Find time to reunite as a family and beg grace from God. Remember your dead, give them joy with the celebration of Mass. Do not look with contempt the poor man who begs you for a crust of bread. Don’t throw him out of your full canteen. Help him, and God will help you too.

Medjugorje: the cry of the Madonna

Perhaps the blessing that the poor gives you as thanks is realized, perhaps God listens to him. You, my children, have forgotten all this. And Satan also contributed to this. Don’t give up! Pray with me! Do not be deceived by thinking: ” I am good, but the brother who is next to me is worth nothing “. You wouldn’t be right. I, like your mother, love you and therefore admonish you. Here are some secrets, my children! We do not know what it is, but when we do, it will be late! Return to prayer! Nothing is more important than it. I would like the Lord to allow me to clarify the secrets at least in part; but the graces that he offers you are already too many. Think about what you offer to Him.

When did you last give up anything for the Lord?

I don’t want to blame you further. Instead, I would like to invite you once again to prayer, fasting, penance. If by fasting you wish to obtain a grace from God, let no one know that you are fasting. If with a gift to a poor person, you wish to obtain a grace from God, that no one knows it except you and the Lord. Listen to me, my children and reflect in prayer on these calls of mine!