Space X Astronaut: “Christ was with me in space”. Catholic Convert Michael Hopkins’ testimony…”I took the Eucharist with me into space.”

Space expedition has something Christian about it. The commander of the Crew Dragon has, in fact, brought with him something very important.

The Eucharist was carried into space. This was done by the commander of the “Crew Dragon” expedition, which left the International Space Station on Monday.

The commander: “I bring Jesus Eucharist with me”

Feeling more and more united with God even in space. Michael Hopkins, the commander of the expedition of the “Crew Dragon” capsule , produced by the SpaceX project, which left on Monday November 16 for space, brought with him something very, very special.


From Methodist to Catholic conversion

He, a former Methodist converted to Catholicism, already in 2013 had brought with him what he held most dear on earth, Jesus in the Eucharist. Commander Michael Hopkins (this is his name) when he discovered that he could take the Eucharist with him into space did not hesitate: “ I grew up as a non-practicing Methodist . I met my wife, Julie, in college. She is Catholic, and we started dating and eventually ended up getting married and decided to grow ours according to the teachings of the Church.

I had no intention of becoming Catholic, but I felt it was important for our children to realize that what ultimately mattered was their relationship with God. And so we started going to church regularly , to the Catholic church, where our children were baptized ”- said the commander, in an interview.

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“ In 2011, I was assigned to a mission to the International Space Station. I was about to leave and spend six months in space […] Everything was fine, but, for me personally, I felt that something was missing.

It was hard to realize, but I finally realized I needed to become a Catholic. I wanted to participate more in the religious life of my family ”- he continued.

The commander: “In 2013 I took the Eucharist with me into space”

From there, the need and the will to convert. “ I was able to be confirmed in the Catholic Church in December 2012 […]“ Is there any chance that I can take the Eucharist with me into space? ”. Again, God has a way of putting people into your life when they are needed, ”Hopkins confided. Here, then, came the possibility of bringing Jesus the Eucharist into space for the first time.

“I felt that Jesus was really with me”

“ It was really useful for me to know that Jesus was with me when I came out of the hatch into the void of space ” – concluded the commander.

Eucharist Adoration

An experience worthy of being told, a moment in which fear gave way to abandoning oneself completely in the arms of Christ, to that will and need of his to always feel him with him, in his heart and in the presence of the Eucharist there with him .




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