Here are 10 Practical Suggestions to Pray the Rosary Everyday

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Celebrated the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, we are presented with the opportunity to rediscover this prayer, which not only shows us the mysteries of the life of Jesus and the Virgin Mary, but which strengthens the Christian life and grants special graces that the Mother of God  promised to humanity.

Here you will find 10 practical tips to pray the Rosary every day, taken from the book “The Rosary: ​​kneeling theology”, by the priest, writer and official of the Vatican Secretariat of State, Mgr. Florian Kolfhaus:

1) Have a rosary in your pocket

Every Catholic should always have a Rosary in his pocket. There are ten, for example, which has only ten grains and can be transported easily.

As long as you go in search of a handkerchief or a key before going out, remember to bring back the Rosary of Jesus and Mary.

2) Take advantage of free time to pray

In everyday life there is always free time that we can use to pray the Rosary: ​​when we wait for the doctor, on the bus, while we wait for an important call, etc.

And if for some reason a person does not want to look like a practicing Catholic he can always use one hand: we have ten fingers, to count with them the Ave Maria.


3) Praying while doing other things or when doing sports

For many activities there is no need to think about why they are done mechanically. When cutting an onion, spreading or washing the car can all be good occasions to pray the Rosary. Just as when people who love each other think of each other without importing what they are doing, the Rosary helps us to stay in tune with the heart of Jesus and Mary.

This can also work when doing sports: running, walking, cycling or swimming are activities where you can pray the Rosary to the rhythm of your breathing (both internally and loudly).

4) Images and music can help

The Rosary is a contemplative prayer. More important than words is the predisposition of our heart to contemplate each of the mysteries.

In this regard, 5 images can be searched on the Internet to help us contemplate every passage in the life of Christ and Mary. On the other hand, music can be useful if you use it to find peace.

5) Channeling our distractions to pray

Distractions can often arise while praying. We have too many thoughts on our minds: the shopping list, a friend’s birthday, an illness, and simply a concern.Fighting against them with prayer we do nothing but worsen the situation.

It is better to bring those “distractions” together and pray for a Hail Mary for people, for our friends and relatives, for themselves and for the problems we have. In this way prayer becomes sincere and personal.

6) Praying for the other while we are moving

Going to work or to school, whether by car, on foot, by bus or by train, it is possible to pray the Rosary without lowering your head and closing your eyes.

To pray while we are on the move means to dedicate the Avemarie to the people with whom we have established a contact or seen during the day. For example, if I meet a doctor on my way, I can pray for the people he meets.

7) Pray on your knees or on a pilgrimage

The Rosary can be recited always and everywhere. Sometimes, when you pray on your knees or while on pilgrimage, it can turn into a real “physical challenge”. However, this does not mean having to “torture” or resisting as long as possible, but to know that we have a body and a soul to worship God. Therefore, the rosary is also a prayer for the pilgrimage.

8) Connect each mystery with an intention

Do not always have to recite the Rosary in order to finish it. Sometimes it may be useful to link every mystery with a family concern: my mother, my wife, a brother, the Pope, persecuted Christians, etc. The more you are concrete, the better. Adoration and giving thanks to God can be another concrete point for our prayer.

9) Pray it in moments of spiritual aridity

We Christian are not “yoguis” that we must do spiritual practices to “empty” our mind. Although our relationship with God is above all activity, there are also moments of aridity and weakness in which it is difficult for us to pray.

In these difficult times, we must try to gather with the Rosary and simply recite the prayers. This is not pagan prayer, but a small spark of goodwill that we are going to offer to God, and which can revive the flame of our spirit.

In difficult times, it may be enough to support the Rosary without saying a word. Jesus and Mary will understand our state of mind and we would be hearing the same without having to pronounce words.

10) To fall asleep while praying the Rosary

The Rosary should not only be in our pockets, but also on our bedside table. When trying to reconcile sleep it may be useful to pray for the birds, which is always better than counting sheep.

Perhaps it is a habit of already elderly or sick people who “grab” at the Rosary at night to seek consolation, security and fortitude. However, we too can try and pray especially for those who suffer most.