Dearest Father Livio,

Unfortunately I must note, without being too surprised, that Serena’s thoughts are the result of a horizontal preaching of faith that has been widespread for several years in our Churches, which excludes the “supernatural” and focuses on the “social”. 

The modernist current has undermined from the hearts of the faithful that simple and genuine faith which also draws nourishment from the Celestial events which have been repeated over the centuries through miracles and apparitions. 

The one in Medjugorie perhaps contains them all.

The last decades have been decisive in confirming those faithful who already had in their hearts a certain rejection of everything that is “Sacred” and “immutable”. There are many Father. Many.

I quote Serena’s words:

I don’t understand – this great attention to the apparitions (especially current ones), about which Our Church still has strong doubts; and I confirm it. In my parish the same priests laugh up their sleeves when talking about Medjugorje. Not to mention what they think of you, dear Father, and of Radio Maria.

Without falling into despair, for goodness’ sake, let us trust in the good God who lets the weeds grow with the good grass. The harvest will be done in his time.

Best regards 

Anna Rita 

Dear Anna Rita,

Reading his writing I was reminded of a statement by St. Pius

In fact, modernism radically eliminates the supernatural from the vision of the world and of life. It is the heresy mother of all heresies which, after the Second World War, spread everywhere, achieving its aim, so well summarized by the words of the Queen of Peace: “Modern man does not want God and for this reason he goes towards perdition” (25 January 2023).

I would like to point out that “modern” in this case refers to the “modernism” that the Queen of Peace branded with fiery words, attributing it directly to Satan.

This mentality has emptied the Churches of the West in recent decades, but is now also spreading elsewhere, such as in Africa.

For those who remained in the Church, a Christianity purified of miracles, prophecies, apparitions, prayers of intercession and, gradually, of any reference that is not controlled by the goddess “Science” is increasingly being imposed.

However, this is still little compared to the goal towards which it is sliding, because the final outcome is the denial of the divinity of Jesus Christ, of his words of eternal life, of the commandments, of the sacraments and of the entire fabric of the Christian faith. .

This acceleration has taken on an unstoppable speed in the new millennium and I wonder how it is possible to stop such a tsunami. 

In this regard we must look carefully and with cordial adhesion to the presence of the Queen of Peace who, in my opinion, has prevented the collapse of faith in these years of “Satan freed from chains”, especially with the call to prayer (daily Holy Mass, Confession, Rosary).

However, this did not prevent the West from changing its religion and becoming pagan again, but Our Lady has formed a group of strong and determined believers, who will bear witness to the Catholic faith even with the sacrifice of their lives if necessary.

Precisely thanks to the presence of Mary, the future that awaits us will not be the new era of man in place of God, but a time of peace, in which those who have chosen for God will enter, rejecting the seduction of the ancient serpent.

In fact, this is the meaning of the secrets revealed three days before they happen, through which God will manifest his lordship and will put everyone face to face with the either/or, the clear choice between Christ and the prince of this world.

“How hard it will be, the Queen of Peace warned, for those who have rejected God, to appear in his presence and feel condemned to hell”.

Ave Maria

Father Livio