Maureen FitzGerald from the USA suffered from an incurable disease of liver cancer with countless tumors, and as she testifies, she got better after going to Medjugorje.

She published her testimony and it is transmitted by spiritodmedjugorje. The testimony is accompanied by a comment from priest Father Leon Pereira , Medjugorje chaplain in charge of pilgrims from English-speaking countries.ADVERTISING

Maureen says that she gave her testimony to “witness the love and mercy that God has for each of us, to give all the glory to God the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit and to give honor and thanks to Our Lady of Medjugorje for her intercession with Jesus for her healing.”

Liver cancer, tumors, metastases – without hope for a cure

“In April 2022 I was surprisingly diagnosed with advanced liver cancer with too many tumors to count and was offered no hope. They didn’t have any treatment, they ruled out a transplant and gave me a prognosis of only three months to live.

Then my husband and I were inspired to call it our Journey of Hope because hope was not offered. We immediately called our rosary group members and our family and friends to ask for prayers. It was Good Friday 2022.

One of the four cancer centers offered me experimental immunotherapy. After two treatments, my body overreacted and multiple hospitalizations in June and July brought me close to death.

In July, the cancer metastasized to my spine. The doctors again did not offer any hope even though I reminded them that the Divine Doctor is in charge. They told my husband to put me in a nursing home with a hospice – a place to die. When I left the hospital in July, I went home. I couldn’t walk except on my heels using two sticks. My nerves were damaged and I had massive edema, collapsed from congestive heart failure and was blind in my right eye.

We prayed the rosary and the rosary of God’s mercy every day. There were so many rosary groups that prayed for me and my family, spread from the US to the Philippines, England, Ireland and even underground China! It was overwhelming and so wonderful. It was like a giant blanket of prayers that covered and strengthened us.

Fewer doctors, more God – the journey to Medjugorje

At the end of August 2022, my Journey of Hope continued during my confession. The priest listened to me and suggested that I spent a lot of time with doctors, and maybe I should spend more time with God. I asked him to repeat it three times.
Two days later, my friend Julie Rasp asked us what was next.

The doctors had no plans. Then she asked us to go on her pilgrimage to Medjugorje, which starts in two weeks. In it was Father Dan Powell , our pastor, who administered us spiritually in the past months with communion, confession and anointing.

On September 12, 2022, we set off on our Journey of Hope, which took us to Medjugorje. My husband’s prayer was for a miracle and mine was to Our Lady for peace in my heart regarding our daughters. I asked her to take care of their hearts if it was God’s will to take me.

After a few days, I went alone to the evening confession, walking with my two sticks, knowing that if I fell, some kind person from the village or a pilgrim would help me up. The Irish priest Mike I had for confession listened to me and told me to find Father Leon and he would know what to do. I answered: “Who is Father Leon and how can I find him?”

Father Leon laid his hands on me, I felt an intense warmth

He told me not to worry and that I would find him. I informed my pastor and he immediately talked to Father Leon about me the next day.

I met Father Leon after the speech in front of the yellow hall. Father Leon was a doctor before becoming a priest. He asked about my cancer. I said to him: “An Irish priest sent me to you and also told me that you will know what to do.” Father Leon understood that Father Mike was the one who sent me. Then Father Leon asked if he could pray over me, and I said: “Yes.”

As he says, Father Leon prayed with his hands on my head, I immediately felt an intense heat from my head that went down to my spine. I closed my eyes and I knew that the Lord was doing something and I began to thank him for what was happening. Father Leon blessed me and we parted ways. Walking with my two canes I leaned against the yellow building waiting for my husband. While I was wearing the mask, I started to smell a beautiful rose scent that overpowered me to the point that I took off the mask. Breathing in the fresh air, I looked around and saw no plants or bushes, only concrete. I put the mask back on and the intense beautiful rose scent returned. I started to cry and thank Our Lady of Medjugorje for her intercession for her Son.

Father Leon laid his hands on Maurenn and imagined the tumors leaving her body

Strength returned, edema disappeared, tumor markers normal

The next morning, after waking up, I felt very strong in my legs and the severe edema was completely gone. My husband helped me get up in the room and I could walk without a cane! We thanked God for this huge change, now I could walk and I had peace in my heart.

When we got back home to America, I had an appointment with my family doctor. The doctor was shocked to see me without leg edema and without crutches. He asked me what happened. I reminded him that I went on a pilgrimage and believed that God had healed me through the intercession of his Mother Mary. He then went to look at my lab results that had just been done when I returned from my pilgrimage. His jaw dropped and he started telling me that my tumor marker was 1.3 (less than 3 is normal).

When I was diagnosed it was 8000. He also told me that my other liver enzymes were perfectly normal. I was pleasantly surprised and amazed by God’s mercy and love. He turned to me and said that something had happened to my body and that I needed an MRI.

All tumors disappeared without a trace!

He sent me to an oncologist who ordered an MRI of the abdomen and spine. Abdominal MRI showed that all the tumors were gone except for one which was 3 cm but was 8 cm before. An MRI of the spine showed no tumors. We were overjoyed and amazed. The oncologist called in a cancer surgeon to evaluate the 3 cm tumor. The surgeon said he would order a surveillance scan in three months, as he could not understand the results of the recent scans and lab work.
At the three-month magnetic resonance imaging, the images showed that all the tumors had disappeared!!! We were so happy and amazed by the results that medical science cannot explain. But as we know, nothing is impossible for God. Jesus is our hope, Our Lady is the Mother of hope. All thanks to His Divine Mercy and Our Lady’s loving answer to all the prayers raised for our family.”

Father Leon’s comment: I prayed to God to heal her as proof that Our Lady appears in Medjugorje

Father Leon Pereira  also commented on this miraculous healing that took place. He said he had never seen Maurenn before, that an Irish priest and her parish priest had arranged a meeting and that when he first saw her she was ‘yellow, emaciated and looking very unwell’.

“So I prayed over her. I asked her if she wanted me to pray for her. I laid my hands on her and prayed, and when I prayed, I first began to imagine all the tumors, where she told me the tumors were, somehow evaporating from her body. But at the same time, I thought – I actually did think – “Oh no, what’s going to happen if it heals? Because that will be the end of my life!”

Therefore, I specifically said to the Lord: “Please, through the intercession of Our Lady of Medjugorje, may Maureen be healed as proof that Our Lady is really appearing here in Medjugorje.” I specifically said that. So I prayed over her.

Then after a few days I went back towards the house where I live with the Franciscans and Maureen just showed up with her husband and she was looking better. She was walking much better and I said, “Shall I pray with you again?” And so I did. And I explicitly said the same thing again. “As a proof to them that Our Lady really appears here in Medjugorje…”

I had never seen Maureen before in my life before that visit last year. And after that, I didn’t think I would hear from her.

A wonderful work of God

A few months later, I got an email from Father Dan Powell: “Remember that lady, Maureen?” And, of course, I did. He told me that she was fine, that she was cured, that her blood tests were normal, and that the tumors had shrunk or disappeared. And then shortly after that I got an email from Maureen herself, with a lot more details. I encouraged her to send all this medical information to the local bishop, the apostolic visitor, Archbishop Aldo Cavalli . She told me this morning that she did it yesterday. I think she had a meeting with the bishop and gave him all the medical documentation and told him the story.

It’s wonderful, absolutely wonderful to see her healthy, on her feet! I have to admit that when I saw her this year, I didn’t really recognize her. When she said, “Do you know who I am, father?”, I only knew because her pastor was standing nearby. But I did not recognize her; the contrast was so complete, so different. It’s all God’s work. He healed her, but through the intercession of Our Lady of Međugorska, because I specifically asked for it, so that it would prove to them that Our Lady is really here.”