Powerful Interview with Visionary Vicka

Photo taken by a Canadian guide and donated to Vicka’s family. Here an enlargement of RAI 2 in the Excalibur broadcast

Source Fr. Livio’s Blog

Vicka of Medjugorje held five interviews live on Radio Maria, which are an important historical document on the apparitions of Medjugorje and a testimony of profound Marian spirituality. We publish them by dividing them into episodes.

(Fifth Interview – December 2006)

“Her face is a face of light of love”

FATHER LIVIO  – Dear friends of Radio Maria, a very cordial greeting from Father Livio and Vicka, who is here near me. Today we will do a short interview so that Vicka can give us her testimony and tell us about his meetings with the Madonna which now last from June 24th (1981). Vicka, as you know, has had daily apparitions since 1981.

VICKA  – Dear listeners, it is a great joy for me to be able to transmit the messages that Our Lady says to me so that I can tell you all.

FATHER LIVIO  – You have had daily apparitions since June 24, 1981. After so long a time we see that you are always full of enthusiasm and waves of pilgrims continue to come to Medjugorje. Medjugorje seems like endless music.

VICKA  – Our Lady has been coming here to Earth for 26 years now, and for me this fact is truly a great joy, a joy that cannot be described! I feel like a living instrument of the Madonna and I want to do everything for her. When I am in front of people I try to convey that joy, that beauty, that love of the Madonna to all the pilgrims who arrive here. What we must count, however, is not so much these 26 years that have passed but how many graces we have received, because these 26 years have been years of great graces. As Our Lady has already said, her presence here among us means that these are moments of great graces and we must look at how much we have changed and converted.

FATHER LIVIO  – What strikes me most is the fact that a person spoke to the Madonna today. The fact, that is, that the Madonna comes to Earth every day and it can be said that the Madonna truly exists and is alive. This is the thing that moves me most of all.

VICKA  – Yes, the Madonna is truly a living person. Before manifesting herself to us in the apparition she announces herself with three flashes of light as a sign that she is coming. So she shows up with a gray dress and a white veil, she has black hair, blue eyes and rests her feet on a gray cloud. In the apparitions that occur on the occasion of great holidays such as Christmas, Easter and on particular anniversaries she comes wearing an all-gold dress. At Christmas the Madonna comes with a small newborn baby in her arms. A few years ago, on the occasion of Good Friday, Our Lady presented herself with adult Jesus all bleeding, bandaged and with the crown of thorns and she turned to us saying: “I came with Jesus so that you can see how much Jesus suffered for all of us.” Every time, on the occasion of her or our birthday, we greet each other, we hug each other just as if she were a living person like us.

FATHER LIVIO  – Do you also give each other a kiss?

VICKA  – But yes, and you feel that it is really alive with a real body, and to the touch it is as if you were touching your hand which is that of a living person. The only thing that cannot be described is her beauty: there is no girl as beautiful as her. Once, during an apparition, we asked her how she could be so beautiful. She replied: “I am beautiful because I love! You too must love to be beautiful!”. But this beauty is not a beauty that comes from outside, but directly and deeply from our heart. She also tells us that today we are too worried about external beauty while we have forgotten the most important beauty, the internal one. Once we have this beauty of the heart, the external beauty comes as a consequence without us worrying.

FATHER LIVIO  – Her beauty, however, is a maternal beauty. When you look at the Madonna how do you feel her… like a mother?

VICKA  – More than a mother, I feel like a friend

FATHER LIVIO –  Maybe because he is young?

VICKA  – Yes, she’s twenty years old… she’s young, she’s beautiful… I don’t see her so much as a mother but rather a friend. You know, when you think of a mother you imagine something more serious. Instead I feel like she’s more like a friend. Then the Madonna, who has been present among us for 26 years now, is always the same, she never ages… always the same, always the same.

FATHER LIVIO  – Maybe one day we too will have a beauty similar to his because we will have a glorious body.

VICKA  – She certainly wants this right now, which is why she told us not to look so much at external beauty, destined to end, but at internal beauty, destined to last.