Biden calls Ukraine’s President Zelensky to warn him to ‘prepare for impact’ and that Russian forces could ‘SACK Kiev’ as he puts Fort Bragg’s 82nd Airborne on standby

  • Pentagon spokesman John Kirby revealed that troops from Fort Bragg, Fort Carson and Fort Campbell are among the 8,500 on heightened alert
  • Biden and Zelensky had a phone call today where the president reportedly told the Ukrainian leader to brace for an imminent invasion 
  • The Defense Department is preparing for a potential deployment into Europe 
  • NATO and US sent letters to Putin dismissing his main security demands around Ukraine, amid fear of war 
  • John Sullivan, America’s man in Russia, was pictured delivering the letter by hand in Moscow late last night
  • Dmitry Peskov, Putin’s spokesman, said there is ‘little room for optimism’ as Russia considers its response 
  • Sergei Lavrov, Russia’s top negotiator, left door to more talks open but said decision will be up to Putin
  • Ukrainian troops were pictured training with British NLAW anti-tank weapons, as they prepared for invasion

President Joe Biden reportedly told Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Thursday to brace his country for a certain Russian invasion.

Biden told Zelensky that an invasion is virtually certain and to ‘prepare for impact,’ CNN reported. He said Kiev could be ‘sacked’ by Russian forces.

He reportedly said Ukraine would not be getting significantly more military help, including reiterating that no U.S. troops would be deployed there, nor would there be preemptive sanctions on Russia or any progress with NATO.