Exorcist Warns About Celine Dion’s Gender-Neutral Children’s Clothing – “I’m convinced that the way this gender thing has spread is demonic.”

Patti Armstrong for National Catholic Register

Iconic singer Céline Dion was raised Catholic but her but her just released New World Order-themed, gender-neutral clothing for children indicates she has gone to the dark side. Her “grand unveiling” included a disturbing video of her breaking into a hospital nursery. The babies are all dressed in pink and blue. Dion pulls out a handful of black sparkles and blows them into the air causing all the pink and blue outfits to become black and white gender-neutral pieces.

When security guards catch and handcuff Dion, she says: “It’s okay, it’s okay. I’m Céline Dion. I can’t believe they called security. I’m not spending a night in jail.”

New Age Company

Dion partnered with Nununu’s alternative clothing calling themselves: CELINUNUNU. According to the website: “CELINUNUNU liberates children from the traditional roles of boy/ girl and enables younger people to grow on values of equality with the freedom strengthen their own power of personality based on mutual respect.”

Aside from the clothing being hideously ugly, occult themes on children is disturbing. The babies and children look sullen. Who would pay $77 for a baby blanket with skulls or $161 for a jacket that looks like a trash bag. And who wants a baby playsuit with skulls?

The Nununu line itself is extremely disturbing and strangely contains many identical styles as those supposedly with Dion’s collaboration. It appears they just grabbed a few things and threw her name in.

Nununu’s own line includes sheep with patches over one eye and cross bones, large Illuminati eyes and lots and lots of skulls. One pair of sweatpants has a number 3 on one knee and a 6 on the other. Three 6’s? Boys are dressed as ganstas and girls with “Ho!” emblazoned on shirts. Thinking perhaps I missed out on something, I checked both the Urban Dictionary and Meriam-Webster’s for the definition. “Ho: noun. alteration of whore. prostitute, whore, hooker, tramp… slang, often offensive.”

The catalogue scenes are creepy. One child is made up with a skull-like face and another as Edward Scissors Hand with dark eyes and long metal nails. There are doll’s heads with vacant expressions, skeletal hands forming the shape of a heart… you get the idea.

The Confused Perspective

Some people don’t see the darkness that I see as blatant. Here are a couple of Twitter reactions: “Celebrity #fashion lines are almost a dime a dozen. But @celinedion’s #Celinununu is actually smart, fun, and backed by the right messaging for a change. I’m there!”

“How cool are Canadians?!! How cool is @celinedion for stepping up to the forefront with her new #genderneutral clothing line #celinununu #LGBTQtwitter”

Dion explained during an interview with CNN that the gender-neutral clothing line was inspired after taking her twin sons to Disney World and they wanted to meet princesses and Minnie Mouse. She took that as a cue that “they’re finding themselves.”

That’s a big leap. Disney princesses are highly commercialized and big deal among all children.

The Exorcist’s Perspective

For a perspective from a wise spiritual director, I contacted Msgr. John Esseff who was once a spiritual director to Saint Teresa of Calcutta. He has been a priest for 65 years and an exorcist in the Diocese of Scranton, Pennsylvania, for over 40 years. He is also a founder and past president of the board of directors of the Pope Leo XIII Institute, which trains exorcists and is dedicated to bringing the healing of Christ to those afflicted by evil.

“I’m convinced that the way this gender thing has spread is demonic,” he said. “It’s false. I don’t even know how many genders there’s supposed to be now, but there are only two that God made.” The demonic dimension of creating such a clothing line is very deep, according to him.

“The devil is going after children by confusing gender,” he said. “When a child is born, what is the first things we say about that child? It’s a boy, or it’s a girl. That is the most natural thing in the world to say. But to say that there is no difference is satanic.”

To take away the male or femaleness of a baby is hitting at the very heart of nature by denying a simple truth of the way that child was created, Msgr. Esseff explained. “People behind this are influencing children to disorder,” he said. “This is definitely satanic. There is a mind behind it—an organized mindset.

“The devil is a liar and there are huge lies being told,” Msgr. Esseff said. “This is being done for money, and there is divisiveness that comes from this—marks of the devil.”

Although the devil has been at war with humanity from the beginning, Msgr. Esseff noted that satanic attacks at this time have become bolder. “The evil one feels that he can do these things without somehow being recognized behind it all,” he said. “This [gender neutrality] is a ploy he has. It is being driven by an agenda because there is a spirit behind it.”

If this were just another story of a celebrity engaged in the occult, I would not have given it my attention. But since children are involved, I am hoping that others will join me to pray for those poor children who have become pawns of evil and for the adults who are so ignorant.