Hero and Popular Cardinal Robert Sarah will be attending this years Youth Festival in Medjugorje. Warns of the collapse of West if it turns away from God

This year’s 32nd Youth Festival in Medjugorje will be held from 1 to 8 August with the motto “What good must I do?” (Mt 19:16)
The program of this year’s Mladifest, unlike last year, consists of a morning and afternoon program (prayer, singing with orchestra and international choir, catechesis, testimonies) and an evening program (rosary, Eucharist, adoration, light prayer candle, prayer before the cross, Cenacle film communities…).
The mass celebrations at the Mladifest will be led by: Cardinal Robert Sarah , the Apostolic Nuncio to Bosnia-Herzegovina, Archbishop Luigi Pezzuto, Archbishop Tadeusz Wojda, Bishop Guido Gallese and Father Miljenko Šteko, provincial of the Franciscan province of Herzegovina.
“The arrival of Cardinal Sarah, Archbishop and Bishop to Mladifest is a great event and a great joy for all of us. Young people are happy when they see that the pastors are with them, and pastors are happy when they see so many young people praying and praising the Lord “, said Father Marinko Šakota, who has no expectations on the number of young people who will be at the Mladifest of this. year that “those who come, all are welcome”.
The parish priest of Medjugorje, Fr. Marinko Šakota:
“The Mladifest in Medjugorje is a truly special, truly miraculous experience of faith and prayer. Everything that happens in that prayer meeting – starting with the presentation of the nations, the prayer of the rosary on Podbrdo, morning praise, catechesis, testimonies, choir and orchestra, volunteers, evening prayer program, rosary, Eucharist, adoration, torchlight processions , processions with a statue of Our Lady, performances of the Cenacle community, mission and forgiveness, and at the end of the Eucharist in Križevac at 5 am – all these events are of such a nature as to uplift and pamper the soul, nourish it with healthy spiritual food , fill it with special peace and special joy and give strong encouragement to continue living faith and prayer,
It is truly wonderful how life awakens in so many young people during the Youth Festival, there are seeds of love and kindness, seeds of joy and how a mysterious peace enters their hearts. It is an indescribable sensation to look at the faces of young people and observe how they feel loved and welcomed and how they too love God, Jesus, Mary, prayer, the Eucharist, confession, adoration. It is difficult to express in words that positive tension that is felt in the air, that waiting, that listening that reigns in the prayer space in front of the external altar! And the most beautiful and wonderful thing is to see how the young people of the Youth Festival love the Church! How priests love and how priests feel loved and accepted! “, Says Father Marinko,
“How much joy, grace, love and peace! And indescribable happiness! Many from all over the world, and no strangers! How many strangers, and all dear to us! No one in the spotlight and everyone with the feeling of being accepted and loved! “See you!
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Cardinal Sarah

“Satan has a fierce hatred of priests. He wants to defile them, to make them fall, to pervert them. Why? Because by their whole life they proclaim the truth of the Cross. Priests and consecrated persons cannot leave the world indifferent.

They proclaim down to the flesh this truth of the Cross. They will always be a subject of scandal for the world. They take Christ’s place… All you hidden and forgotten priests and religious, you whom society sometimes despises, you who are faithful to the promises of your ordination, you make the powers of this world tremble!

You remind them that nothing can resist the strength of the gift of your life for the sake of truth. Your presence is unbearable to the prince of lies. You are not the defenders of an abstract truth or a party.

You have decided to suffer for love of the truth, for Jesus Christ. Without you, dear brother priests and consecrated religious, humanity would be less great and less beautiful. You are the living rampart of the truth because you agreed to love it even to the Cross.”

– Robert Cardinal Sarah

Hero Cardinal Robert Sarah has stated that the richness of Africa is “God and the family”. Talking to cathobel.be in January he added that the family is the foundation and if the family is destroyed by deadly ideologies, “the whole society will implode and collapse on itself.”

Sarah sees that this happens “without noise” and “under the effects of an almost complete anesthesia of the public opinion, as we can see at the moment in the West.”

The cardinal reminds that the reason for man’s existence is to live in conformity with the laws of God. If man loses this reason “he wanders like a rudderless ship, and will sooner or later run into the reefs of selfishness and indifference.”

Sarah points out that this happened to the old Roman Empire, “For the West it may take twenty years, fifty years, even a century, but it will happen, do not doubt it, unless the West converts.”

Sarah accuses the Western regimes to use their financial and mediatic power to bring its poison to the poorest and most vulnerable countries, particularly in Africa, “The money is used by the rich to murder Africa and to exploit its mining and human resources.”