“My dear people of Ukraine,
Praised be Jesus and Mary! I wish to greet you from the heart. In June 1981, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to me and 5 other people in our village of Medjugorje. 
She came to us in a time of great suffering. It was the time when communism was at its peak causing the upheaval of nations, the stripping of human dignity and the slaughter of the innocent, including religious and clergy. Communism tried to impose an indoctrination that God does not exist. 
She came to us as Queen of Peace saying that her Son Jesus sent her to help us.
The central message of Medjugorje is summarized in the words of Our Lady: “Peace, peace and only peace.  Peace must reign between God and man and between all men “.
How these words resound for all of us today. The Queen of Peace has come to offer us consolation in our sorrows, encouragement in our despair and a firm assurance that God truly exists and that he is with us. God hears our cries; He is our peace.
My dear friends of Ukraine, Our Lady is with you to help you. 
She too, as in Medjugorje, offers you abundant consolation in your pains, encouragement and hope in these sad moments and a firm certainty that God is truly with you in this trial. 
Furthermore, the Virgin herself intercedes personally for each of you. 
It is Our Lady’s duty  to intercede for her children in need of he.
My dear friends, you are not forgotten. There are tens of millions of people around the world following the message and calling of the Queen of Peace who are praying and sacrificing for you right now. Our Lady has so often comforted us in her messages  saying: “I am with you”. My dear friends from Ukraine, Our Mother is with you in a very special way.
In the name of Jesus and Mary I extend my spirit of encouragement and consolation to all of you. I personally recommend to Our Lady, Queen of Peace, to all bishops, leaders and the entire people of Ukraine, especially at this time, to give you the necessary strength and hope. God bless you.
Ivan Dragicevic