Medjugorje: Abortionist Doctor on Apparition Hill …’The hill was suddenly covered with the bones and skulls of all the babies I had aborted’

“I had scarcely put my foot down on the hill when everything changed before my eyes. The rocks disappeared. The hill was suddenly covered with the bones and skulls of all the babies I had aborted over forty years. Look at these hands! (Here, she stretched out her hands before the group). Here are the hands which killed an entire city!” She was crying and in the room, the handkerchiefs came out one after another.”

Valentina, 29, comes from the Ukraine. Upon seeing
her, you’d believe her to be a “normal,” young girl. However! Her story is
far from ordinary! From an atheist background and marked by the hardcore
communism of those regions, she grew up in material poverty and spiritual

One day, she won a “green card,” a sort of American-style lottery,
and was given the opportunity to go and live in the United States! She was
only 18 years old, and worked as a hairdresser in the Ukraine. So considering
the horrible conditions of her life, she left. In the beginning, it was very hard –
she didn’t speak a word of English. Her work did not fill up her life, and a terrible
feeling of emptiness overcame her. She asked herself the questions that the
Queen of Peace asked all of us on July 2nd: “Stop for a moment and reflect on
yourselves and on the transience of this your earthly life. Then reflect on eternity
and the eternal beatitude. What do you want? Which way do you want to set out on?”

In the darkness of her soul, she couldn’t help thinking that there was, perhaps,
another dimension to life. So she tried a few tentative words to a celestial Father,
to whom her Ukrainian grandmother used to pray, but who was totally unknown to
her: “If you exist, if you are a father, show me!” Through this prayer she received
peace in her heart! Her faith was born! It began to increase day by day, and
Valentina became a fervent Catholic.

One day she met some pilgrims returning from Medjugorje. Their testimonies
inspired in her a deep desire to go there, and in 2007 she undertook the trip.
There, her heart was so taken by the presence of Our Lady that she felt strongly
moved to make a deal with Her. While praying the rosary at the Statue of the
Risen Christ, she realized her mission was to pray for the youth of the Ukraine
and Divine Providence would open doors to her as well as hearts.

She organized her first pilgrimage in 2008 for all the young people of her parish. She had found her vocation! She made her way back to her pension, full of
happiness, and, on the path encountered a man, a stranger, who said to her
point blank, “Please excuse me if what I’m going to say to you seems stupid,
but I have to say it to you: I sense that you are called to bring the young
people of your homeland here to the Gospa. Also, I have been looking for you
to tell you I would like to sponsor this mission!” Valentina could not believe
her ears! She had committed herself to the mission only moments ago at the
Risen Christ! Valentina went back to her country to begin her work.

responded to the call! Her pure heart, her youth, her determination and especially
the anointing of the Holy Spirit which rests on her, opened people’s hearts to her.
She dedicated a great deal of time to prayer.

Very quickly, she was drawn to the most poor, and God led her into a medical field,
where she found enormous moral poverty. The sick were abandoned. Always with
the aid of Divine Providence (she herself had no money), she undertook the creation
of hospices where the sick at the end of their life could regain their dignity. Mother Teresa of Calcutta inspired her in that endeavor. She also proposed to some atheist
doctors to come with her, and that is how she turned up one day in June of 2011 with
50 pilgrims from a medical corps, all atheists. The doctors who came were professional
abortionists! Valentina clung to the Gospa, who wants to invite all her children – yes all –
to come under her maternal mantle.

Among them, a gynecologist in her sixties. Along with the whole group, she climbed
Apparition Hill. Little did she know that Valentina had prepared a contingency plan
inspired by the Gospa for all her pilgrimages: atheist or not, upon arriving at the top,
everyone consecrates himself to the Immaculate Heart of Mary! The gynecologist did
this like everyone else. In the evening she gathered her group together, because she
wanted to share something very important. Her throat tightened. She had difficulty
talking, she, this big shot who oversaw all the services of her hospital…

“I had scarcely put my foot down on the hill”, she said, “when everything changed
before my eyes. The rocks disappeared. The hill was suddenly covered with the
bones and skulls of all the babies I had aborted over forty years. Look at these
hands! (Here, she stretched out her hands before the group). Here are the hands
which killed an entire city!” She was crying and in the room, the handkerchiefs
came out one after another. All the abortionists who were present retreated into
themselves. For the most part, they would leave changed, converted, dedicated to
stopping abortions and to walking with God.

Valentina continues her beautiful mission. As of today, 400 abortionist doctors have
come under her influence. The most recent group of 50 left Medjugorje last August 29.
She doesn’t make them pay, because she doesn’t want any money from innocent
blood to be part of the mix.

How does she manage it? Each time it’s a new challenge.
The money comes at the very moment it is needed to finance the pilgrimage of these
rich doctors. Since that first time, several hospitals have stopped abortions and the
practice of euthanasia. Valentina, and all those who now support her, have one goal:
to cleanse all the hospitals of the Ukraine from these deadly practices and to bring
down upon them the blessing of God. She wants to give back to the doctors of the
medical corps the dignity of their profession. Today, so many of those hands which
killed innocent ones are transformed, and Heaven uses them to protect and promote life!

I have never seen the sun spinning at Medjugorje, but this miracle, the whole world can
see it! Valentina is convinced that this river of grace will not be limited to the Ukraine.
Let us pray for her and her friends, that they may be protected! And let us ask on
behalf of all nations for the grace of this burning zeal and living faith which have
moved and will move many more mountains!