Medjugorje: Sister Emmanuel tells how the Virgin of Our Lady of Guadalupe changed color!

Sister Emmanuel Maillard of Medjugorje , in her latest bulletin, tells us of a very significant fact.

The Virgin of Guadalupe calls us! On December 12th, we celebrated it with joy! – writes the sister known all over the world who brings with her the spirit of Medjugorje.

She helps us to prepare Christmas, as it is a pregnant Virgin, ready to give birth to her Child.

A surprising phenomenon occurred in Argentina, and I had the grace to admire it with my own eyes during my mission last month.


In the Marian shrine of St. Nicholas, a replica of the Tilma by Juan Diego was installed, the cloak he wore when he saw the Madonna and which is still miraculously preserved uncorrupted in Mexico City.

This reproduction of the highest quality, in natural size, blessed by the Archbishop of Mexico City, then signed and certified by the Basilica of Mexico City where it comes from, and offered to Monsignor Domingo Castagna (then bishop of San Nicola) has changed color.

The green color of the Tilma has become sky blue.

This change of color has a special meaning, having occurred just before the referendum in favor of life and against abortion, held on 8 August 2018.

For the Argentinians, in fact, green is the color of those who militate in favor of abortion, while the blue sky is the color of those who defend life from conception and who won in the referendum.

Madonna Guadalupe

And here the green that covers the Virgin of Guadalupe has become heaven blue!

But there’s more: this reproduction in the church of San Nicola is not the only one to have changed color. The same phenomenon occurred on another reproduction, the one placed in the “House of Mary” in Lujan, where retreats are predicted.

This sign is very significant! It is no coincidence that the Virgin of Guadalupe, patron of the Americas and the symbol of motherhood, clearly shows her love and respect for human life from conception!

While the world promotes abortion with more and more violence, while so many women are verbally raped by political discourses that oppose God’s plan for humanity, our Mother in Heaven intervenes again, in the humble silence of a image that will speak to the hearts of those who can read the signs of the times, believers or non-believers.

Source: Enfants de Medjugorje “