Miracle: The child is bitten by a scorpion seven times…”We were convinced that our baby, Maria Sofia, would die.”

The miracle we are talking about concerns a girl only 90 days old.  The baby named Maria Sofia , was sleeping when a scorpion slipped  into her diaper and  bit and stung her up to 7 times.

It happened in Brazil and, thank God , the mother’s readiness – as well as her prayers – gave the doctors time to try and save the child’s life with antidotes.

Given the severity of stings and how small Maria Sofia was, the doctors who saved the baby are now ready to talk about miracles.  

Everything happened in a couple of hours: “I saw Maria Sofia was really weak, she did not want to be breastfed and struggled to breath”… “I thought she had a reflux. I had no idea that a scorpion had ended up in its diaper and had stung her seven times.” 

At the hospital, the doctors  noticed that the baby’s heartbeat was much too fast and irregular.  Additionally the baby had excessive salivation. Then during the examinations Maria Sofia stopped breathing !
At that point, they gave her 6 doses of anti-corticosteroid serum, in an attempt to revive her.

Here’s what Dr. Camila Mirante said, who found the dangerous scorpion in the baby’s diaper: “I was so scared, when I opened Sofia’s diaper and I discovered the scorpion, I was panicked . I’m a doctor but I was too afraid to take it off. So I ran to ask for help from a guard who removed the creature “.
Meanwhile, the mother prayed to the Blessed Mother with numerous “Hail Mary’s, Glory Be’s and the Our Father, that the baby would be saved: “I was in a state of shock when I learned that my daughter had been bitten seven times by a scorpion.I started crying with my husband, Magno, because we were convinced that our daughter would die. “

Instead, Maria Sofia is safe and sound and has already returned to their arms.

Antonella Sanicanti