Trick of Treat? NASA Names Asteroid “Death Comet” … Looks like skull face. Will near Earth on Halloween

Eerie ‘death comet’ with a SKULL face will zip past Earth just after Halloween ..but it will still be safe to trick or treat – it will be 25 MILLION miles away)

  • A ‘death comet’ will pass earth November 11 about 24million miles away 
  • It last showed itself on Halloween 2015 about 302,000 miles away from earth 
  • The comet has a human skull face and has been dubbed the Halloween asteroid
  • The comet’s next closest visit will occur on November 1, 2088 

 ‘death comet’ will be zipping passed earth just after Halloween this year.

The asteroid with a skull-like face will make its second trip near earth in three years after flying a worrisome 302,000 miles from our planet on October 31, 2015.

This year, the comet will be a much more comfortable 24million miles away on November 11, Mother Nature Network reported.  

The comet, officially recognized as 2015 TB145, has a few nicknames including ‘Halloween asteroid’, ‘death comet’ and ‘The Great Pumpkin’ by NASA. 


The 2000-foot-wide rock gets the name ‘death comet’ not only because of its human skull face, but because it’s believed to have been long-dead.

Numerous passes around the sun likely stripped the comet of its volatiles, according to Mother Nature Network.

‘We found that the object reflects about 6 percent of the light it receives from the sun,’ said Vishnu Reddy, a research scientist at the Planetary Science Institute in Tucson, Arizona said in 2015.