Why aren’t Mirjana’s revelations about the first secret talked about?

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Dear Father Livio,

There’s one thing I can’t understand, no matter how hard I try.

I assure you that I believe in the apparitions of the Gospa without hesitation, but my critical spirit does not leave me alone.

I wonder why on earth, after Mirjana partially revealed the first secret, speaking of disastrous consequences for the material effects, they continued to build houses and hotels in Medjugorje… Which is understandable, however, given the needs of the population and pilgrims.

The thing that is incomprehensible to me, however, is that sort of medieval “manor” that stands at the foot of Podbrdo, surrounded by a row of classy villas, connected by paths and bridges, all harmoniously connected so as to form a real village, camouflaged by lush vegetation. I was able to see photos of some “interiors” that seem decidedly luxurious and expensive to me.

It is said that these buildings are used by priests and consecrated persons, especially girls, in search of a simple life, prayer and silence, although I am amazed at the satellite antennas that pop up here and there.

So I ask myself: do these inexhaustible builders believe the first two secrets which, according to Mirjana, are not pleasant at all, or do they believe they can emerge immune? This is a point that cannot be clarified.

What do you say, dear Father Livio?

Angela of Viboldone.

Dear Angela,

I have already said what I think of the mini-Versailles on the slopes of Podbrdo.

I believe what Mirjana said, even if her words have fallen into oblivion .

Of course, everyone can build what they want, as long as it follows celestial and terrestrial rules.

But I think it is necessary:

1. Leave Our Lady out of initiatives of this kind .

2. Preserve the numerous pilgrims who crowd the “manor” from deceptive distractions.  

3. Take care that the Messages are proclaimed in appropriate contexts and from authoritative pulpits .

Ave Maria

Father Livio


The material effects of the first secret

About the extraordinary apparition of October 25, 1985, Miriana spoke with Father Petar who asked the visionary some questions who did not reveal the Secret, but responded by leaking something about the effects the event will have. I believe that Our Lady wanted something to be known because the first Secret then becomes the archetype of the subsequent ones, it is the key to the others.

The conversation between Mirjana and Father Petar was recorded and from this we can draw some very important details about the first Secret. First of all, it must be said that it will be a natural event that will affect Medjugorje in a serious, non-catastrophic way and Mirjana has specified this.

It will be limited, unlike events four to ten which will be catastrophic. From what Vicka said we also know that the event of the first Secret will affect the church of Medjugorje, the very structure of the building; Mirjana added that it will cause disaster and suffering.

During the conversation with Father Petar Mirjana said that the first Secret “will not be a pleasant thing.” The only pleasant one will be the third, the sign on the mountain. The fourth to tenth will be progressive events of negative effects.

Mirjana also said that the first Secret will be “something people will hear about for a long time.” First of all, because it is about Medjugorje, which is an international word on which the world press will certainly mobilize precisely because the pilgrims come from all over the world and because it involves the Catholic Church greatly through the tens of thousands of priests who have been there.

The fact that people will hear about it for a long time makes me think that there might be some distance between the first and second Secrets and probably the first three Secrets will be further apart than the fourth through tenth Secrets. Mirjana said that Our Lady obliges one to adequately prepare for this first Secret.

The first Secret, then, will be a natural event; therefore, non-believers and deniers of the apparitions will say that it will be an event of nature. Mirjana said that the people of Medjugorje and those who belong to this ideal parish will understand that these natural events are in the plan of Our Lady, «they are in connection with the Secrets».

It will be something, Mirjana told Father Petar Ljubicic, “that everyone, everywhere, will immediately hear about.” While when there is the sign on the mountain many people will go to Medjugorje to see it; however, according to Mirjana not many people will fall to the place where the first Secret has just occurred: «Certainly no one wants to see disasters, it worries her. I don’t think this kind of thing appeals to people at all. Why would people go to see things like that? It’s one thing to go and see a sign, it’s another to go and see suffering or a disaster. Who would want, for example, to go to Italy to see a dam collapse?”

The effects of the natural event of the first Secret will certainly be disasters, perhaps houses and the church of Medjugorje itself will collapse. There will certainly be suffering and anguish, as Mirjana said and this kind of thing does not usually attract people.

Vicka said that the first Secret concerns the building of the church of Medjugorje, this makes one think of a flood or an earthquake, certainly not of war devices. It is clear that all this will be talked about for a long time and throughout the world: «It will last for a while. It will be visible, it is necessary to shake the world a little. It will make the world stop and think” said Mirjana during the interview with Father Petar.

I believe that the events of the Medjugorje secrets still happen, even if they were not announced (except the third one which comes from God). The fact that Our Lady reveals them three days before they happen makes them part of her plan, which is to shake up a little the world which does not respond to the call and which does not even take it into consideration. With this first event, Our Lady proposes that the world stop and think.

During the 1985 interview Father Petar Ljubicic asked Mirjana if anyone could interpret the first secret as a natural fact. In responding Mirjana she also spoke about the second Secret: «Perhaps some convinced non-believers could say something similar after the first and second».

Despite her descriptions, Mirjana said that the first two Secrets will not be catastrophes in the literal sense: «It will not be anything as huge as what comes next. These first two Secrets are not that serious and hard. What I mean is, yes, they are serious, but not as bad as the rest. (…) What follows are the Secrets that are truly catastrophic. I would be happy if everyone finally understood this. I can’t tell them much more, but once they start to be fulfilled, then it will be too late.”