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“Now” Mystic Post’s  new page is dedicated to providing news and information relevant to today’s young adult Catholics.

You will not find on this page explanations as to why young people are leaving the Catholic Church in record numbers but rather here you will find compelling content that keeps our readers engaged and on fire with their Catholic faith.

This page is under construction but please feel free to offer suggestions as we build the page out.


Our Mascot
As we continue to build the Mystic Post brand, we have added a Penguin to our logo. Pope Francis asks us to go to the fringes of society with our faith.  He implores us to seek its “peripheries”. The penguin
 symbolizes eternally advancing the Gospa’s message of peace and reconciliation throughout the world – including desolate terrains where penguins make their homes. The symbol is a sign of faith that Our Lady’s heart will triumph.

Our Slogan:”Go Far”
Mystic Post believes we all have a unique mission in life. And inside of each of us, there exists a drive that moves us constantly on a path towards fulfilling that purpose.  
Our Blue Penguin, the one who lives so far away, is a symbol that life is a journey and that God is beside you all along the way. 

So “go far” on your journey and may you find joy and adventure in pursuit of your dreams.


Our Song

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2017 Medjugorje Youth Festival Adoration


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Is it possible... That there exists a Catholic mystery that holds the secret of America's future and that God is sending America a prophetic message of what is yet to come through his Messenger the Mother of Christ?