Prayer need: Love of a mother …Boating tragedy on California lake: Actress saves her son but has no strength left to save herself.

The love of mothers that overcomes all fear and death. Naya Rivera rescued her son before disappearing into the waters of Piru Lake, California.


Bill Ayub, sheriff of Ventura county, in a brief press conference announced that  the body recovered in the waters of the basin is probably that of the 33-year-old actress, who passed away last Wednesday during a boat trip with her 4-year-old son. Ayub also added that there are no elements that suggest a Rivera suicide.


“He and Naya swam together in the lake. The boy said that Naya helped him get back on the boat. He told investigators that he had turned around and seen her disappear beneath the surface of the water.”  The sheriff, adding:” We believe she has given all her strength to push her son on the boat, but she had no strength left to save herself .

The body, Ayub said, has been found on the surface. The actress and son apparently swam in an area characterized by dense vegetation below the water level.
“We think it was mid-afternoon when they went swimming, but then the boat moved away carried by the currents and Naya found enough energy to save the child but not enough for herself.”