One thought on “The Fearless Dr. Steve Turley: Russia Is CRUSHING the GREAT RESET as New World Order IMPLODES!!!

  • As for Dr Turley, I agree 100%. What people do not realize is tge meanning of the of message of Fatima with reference to Russia and her conversion. That conversion will be very crucial in sparing the world from total enslavement
    Thus new world order us a truly Satanic project which Our Lady promised to defeat. The world will come through tgd purification and indeed the secrets of Garabandal and Medjugorje will be the authentic signs of Mercy for the hunanity by saving it from itself.
    We may be yet spared the worst of symptoms of slavery .
    Keep praying and do nor fall into official lies sbd propaganda.
    Yes there might be a 3rd World War in pieces. But had it not got for the care abd watchful eye of Mary it would have been truly hellish.
    The catastrophes that will accompany transformation are “necessary” for the world yi convert and not to allow certain diabolical plan to be implemented.
    Thank you for reading
    God bless. Peter Zawadowski.
    07tg if April, 2022.

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