A Star is Born. “This Girl is Woke” Media Drives Fake Racial Narrative. 21,000.000 Views. “We are allowing the media to create the divisions where none existed prior”


Published on Aug 18, 2017
We believe that normal people not filled with hate, but with common sense, will respond and subscribe to our first video for discourse. The Interact Research Institute was founded on basic principles: provide essential and accurate news and research, have respectable and honest discourse so we can understand each other, and have a sense of humor. We can become involved as a group later, then discuss and take polls. Voting after receiving honest information… that sounds incredible! We can become the research we present. Life is too short to hate, let’s try to understand each other. There are two founders: one went to Stanford University and the other went to graduate school at the University of California Irvine. One is a moderate liberal/center-left and the other is a moderate conservative/center-right. We have been blessed with our investments and beautiful wives, and instead of drinking ourselves to death in Las Vegas and getting divorced, we will be creating a think tank that’s already in the beta stages. -Stay Tuned Friends