Zrinka from Požežanac

March 15, 2024

In the presence of the priest, the devil himself had to confess during the exorcism what was happening, revealing the true power of Benedict XVI’s teachings against the devil’s work.

In fact, in this specific exorcism, it is clearly seen that Satan was literally exhausted by Ratzinger. “I hate him, I can’t stand him any more: every word, every gesture and every blessing represents an exorcism,” said the devil during a ritual of liberation, writes la luce de maria. 

What happens to the devil when Ratzinger speaks

Namely, Benedict XVI did not only torture the devil, exposing him every time he warned humanity about his evil and evil deeds. The point is that the Evil One felt so cornered that he was exhausted and overwhelmed by his words and gestures.

Namely, under the name of Benedict XVI, the devil suffers, to say the least, terrible suffering. This was discovered by a direct associate of the exorcist, a witness to the shocking events. There is talk of screams, screams, screams of pain. But the most sensational outburst of the devil happened in a small church in the province of Salerno, while a woman was going through a prayer for deliverance.

The devil, this associate explains, is desperate, he simply cannot stand the Pope and his constant catechesis against hell and the spirits that inhabit it. If that wasn’t enough, the Evil One revealed that “every word of his, every gesture of his, every blessing of his is an exorcism”.

Benedict XVI has always emphasized the work of the devil

In fact, the devil hates the Holy Father from the beginning because of his authority as Christ’s Vicar on Earth and as the universal shepherd of the Church. However, there was more to Ratzinger’s case than that. Whether as a professor, archbishop or cardinal, up to the prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the Bavarian theologian never stopped emphasizing the subtle and terrifying existence of the Evil One and Hell, thus warning all of humanity against his attacks.

Often, for example, Ratzinger urged men never to resort to the occult, for any reason in the world. In fact, many know that magical acts, marked in the Bible as abominations, open the door of the soul to the father of lies. Tarot readings, séances, black masses, curses, curses, the evil eye, dedications to the devil: there is nothing more painful and dangerous for human beings.

Through these occult experiences, in effect, Satan takes over one’s spirit and body. At that point, it becomes inevitable to turn to an exorcist to regain your freedom. However, what the devil discovered on this occasion was nothing short of sensational: Benedict XVI became one of his most frequent nightmares.

A tragic fate that befalls those who live without God

His entire teaching was a constant struggle against him, and this was explained by Monsignor Andrea Gemma , the former bishop of Naples, in one of his last interviews. Indeed, since Ratzinger’s election to the papal throne, the devil began to tremble. A few days later, Msgr. Gemma said in the exorcism: “The new pope will make us suffer a lot.”

To fight against the cause of all evil, the evil itself, Ratzinger explained that there is only one way: by carrying the cross of Christ. On the contrary, “for those who continue to sin without any repentance, the prospect is eternal damnation, hell, because our attachment to sin can lead us to the failure of our existence.”

“It is a tragic fate that befalls those who live in sin without calling on God,” explained Ratzinger. “Only divine forgiveness gives us the strength to resist evil and not sin again. Jesus came to tell us that he wants us all in heaven and that hell, which is little talked about in our time, exists and is eternal for those who close their hearts to his love.” Faced with the mastery of Benedict XVI, Satan was defeated from the start. If we listen to him!