The incredible story of Padre Pio and the Guardian Angel who drove the lawyer’s car who had fallen asleep.

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An Italian lawyer was coming home from Bologna. He was at the wheel of his car in which his wife and two sons were also present. At one point, feeling tired, he wanted to ask to be replaced by the guide , but the eldest son, Guido, was sleeping.

After a few kilometers, near San Lazzaro, he too fell asleep. When he awoke, he realized he was a couple of miles from Imola. Out of his mind he screamed: ” who drove the car? Nothing happened? “… – No – they answered him in chorus. The eldest son, who was at his side, woke up and said he had slept soundly. The wife and the younger son, incredulous and amazed, said they had found a way to drive different from the usual: sometimes the car was to end up against other vehicles but at the last moment, he avoided them with perfect maneuvers. Even the way to take the turns was different. “Above all” said his wife ” we were struck by the fact that you remained motionless for a long time and no longer answered our questions … “.

Father Pio

“I – interrupted her husband – could not answer because I was sleeping. I slept for fifteen kilometers. I did not see and I did not hear anything because I was sleeping … But who drove the car? Who prevented the catastrophe? … After a couple of months the lawyer went to San Giovanni Rotondo. Padre Pio, as soon as he saw him, putting a hand on his shoulder, said to him: ” You were sleeping and the Guardian Angel was guiding you the car “. The mystery was unveiled.