The Souls in Purgatory Reveal Shocking Secrets about Purgatory to María Simma

Source Forum of Mary

The Souls of Purgatory offer unpublished lessons on Death and Purgatory to María Simma.

When Christians think about Purgatory, the first thing that comes to mind is to pray so that God purifies those souls more quickly so they can go quickly to Heaven.

But just as important as that is to know the conditions by which a person reaches Purgatory, how they are purified and how they reach Heaven.

And also what a person should do with a dying person to help them pass and spend the shortest time in Purgatory.

María Simma, the Austrian clairvoyant who died in 2004 and was visited by a large number of Souls from Purgatory, sent by God, obtained a series of knowledge from the Souls of Purgatory.

They taught him what Purgatory is and how it is structured, which we saw in another video.

And here we will talk about the lessons that María Simma received about how death occurs, what the relatives of the dying should do and how souls arrive in Purgatory.

In all the years that María Simma attended the Souls of Purgatory who appeared to her, they gave her 10 teachings about Purgatory. 

Purgatory exists as a place of God’s mercy.

It is a place, not just a condition, where souls can be from just a few minutes to the end of the world.

The Guardian Angels of each Soul accompany them to that place and provide them with comfort.

There are three levels in Purgatory and at the lowest level satan can still attack souls.

The souls are purified around the sin they committed.

And they visit Earth to make their requests for masses and prayers to some people, sent by God.

Because if the living do not earn merits and make sacrifices for them, then they are abandoned.

The deep desire of these souls is to reach the presence of God definitively as soon as possible.

No soul in Purgatory would want to return to Earth, even though the suffering there can be terrible.

Therefore, suffering on Earth should not be wasted to purify oneself.

And also the souls that visited her gave her 10 lessons on how death occurs, what the relatives of the dying should do and how souls arrive in Purgatory.

First, the Souls in Purgatory told him that when you know you are about to die you have to prepare yourself by praying and giving everything to God. 

Open to His goodness and trust Him completely.

What does it mean to follow the Church’s instructions for repentance of sins and confession?

Second, the best way to help a person who is dying is to tell them everything you can about God’s light and tell them that He will never leave us alone. 

And suggest with great love, a confession, if you have not already made one. 

Also pray to the Blessed Virgin for this person and ask her to accompany her on her path. She will never reject a prayer.

Third, we can also pray for a soul that died a long time ago , because God knows the future, and will know from the beginning of time, that you were going to intercede for the deceased.

You can pray that he dies in peace and that he is saved.

Fourth, we must take the last wishes of the dying person very seriously, and do our best to respect them and ensure that they are carried out.

As long as the person is mentally healthy at the time of death, their last will does not contain anything bad and they died relatively peacefully. 

Hiding the last will of a deceased person is practically theft and is serious before God because the deceased can no longer change anything.

Fifth, at the moment of death, the soul sees the light of God clearly enough that it desires to go toward it.

But clarity will depend on the purification of the soul at that moment.

Sixth, in some way the soul sees its entire life as in a movie when it is going to die.

Not everyone watches this movie, but when they do, they should not consider it as an attack from Satan. 

But God shows us our lives to show us his absolute justice.

Sins confessed and repaired in their entirety will not appear in the film.

María Simma tells the case of a person who had never believed in eternity, and when he died he saw that his entire life was written in detail on the wall in front of him.

The wall slowly disappeared and behind it was an indescribable beauty, for which I had no words.

Then he revived and totally changed his way of life.

Seventh, we should never judge or conjecture where the soul of a deceased person went, whether directly to Heaven, Purgatory or Hell.

Because we do not know the private behaviors of each person and there are people who convert a moment before dying.

But the latter are certainly not in the best position, because they missed many opportunities to do good while they were alive.

Eighth, the souls in purgatory told Maria Simma that dying for another, whether in their place or while trying to rescue them, is always a holy death. 

And this means that such an act will erase much of what still needed to be purified.

God has established the moment when each person will die.

But if a person dies simply because they put themselves in a risky situation, it does not mean that it was their time to die. 

If she had been more careful, God would have given her other years of life. 

On the other hand, if the accident happens without fault on the part of the deceased, this means that God called him to His presence. 

Ninth, there are some signs that hint at the fate of a deceased person.

When a person experiences an extremely terrible death, with anger or violence, it is certain that he must suffer greatly or that he is totally lost. 

But we must also be careful with the other extreme, because even a great saint like Padre Pio, who died peacefully and even happily, must also have spent a short time in Purgatory. 

Tenth, regarding suicides, María Simma says that what happens to them depends entirely on the reason why they did it. 

He says that many relatives have come to ask him about the fate of his suicides, but he said that only a single soul that he treated had been lost.

In most cases, the most guilty are those who defamed them, those who refused to help them, or those who cornered them and made them lose their minds.

Those who commit suicide regret what they did, but it is often the result of an illness. 

And also for those who died from drug overdoses, what happens to them varies. 

He says that chronic addicts really can’t do anything unless God intervenes with great power. 

Strong drugs are definitely satanic and you should pray a lot against those demons.

But many addicts have been cured without going through the horrible symptoms of withdrawal, when the Blessed Virgin and the Archangel Michael expelled satan.

Traffickers on the other hand will deeply regret their actions when they have to make amends and atone for them, if not completely lost.