A river of tears and the unshakeable certainty of Padre Pio. The real gateway to paradise is the Madonna.

Is there a shortcut to heaven?, Yes it’s the Madonna. This was the reply of Padre Pio, which then continued in the dialogue: It is the sea through which you can reach the shores of eternal splendor. I wish I had a voice so strong to invite the sinners of the whole world to love our Lady. Love our Lady and let her love. Always recite the Rosary this prayer is our faith, the support of our hope, the explosion of our charity. Mary is the whole reason for my hope “.

A Padre Pio Story not to forget:

It was the 14th of  August 1958, the eve of the assumption.

At dusk I was still at the convent and I had already said goodbye to Padre Pio. I was about to say good-night to the guardian, Father Carmel from Sessano, but instead he urged me to go with him into the cell of the padre Pio  to ask him something about Madonna.

The priest  guardian went in and I behind him.

Padre Pio was sitting on a Chair, with the Rosary beads in his hand. “Spiritual father,” asked the Guardian; “tomorrow is the assumption, tell us a little something.”

Padre Pio lowered his head and he suddenly began sobbing as  he tried to answer our question.   “Our Lady” he stammered… but the tears were then mixed with hiccups.. Padre Pio tried again and with effort blurted out  “Our Lady”.

But strong tremors took over and he continued to cry even louder. …“Our Lady”,  he repeated for the third time. Then finally he got his words out for us to hear… He said Our Lady is our mother!

Uncontrollable tears shook Padre Pio and he barely managed to take the handkerchief to dry his  tears that, by now, had drenched his face.

He then left his hands on his knees and continued to weep, screaming: “Our Lady is our mother!  Our Lady is our mother!, Our Lady is our mother!

I was kneeling in front of him. Then I tried to console him, but  I realized if I cried right at that moment,  I thought I would die on the spot.

The guardian priest immediately interjected: “father, thank you, but please don’t cry.”



Padre Pio was crying again. Then the watchman, with a loud and heartfelt bellow, said, “father, please don’t cry anymore, we will all die! ‘

I approached Padre Pio again and as he trembled softly he soon finished crying.

Still a few gasps. He kissed my hand, blessed us.  Then moving away from the cell,we felt so much burn in our hearts with  love for our Lady, we said to one another: ‘ I can’t seem to contain the fire of love for our Lady which Padre Pio has put in our hearts. We asked for a Word and he has given us a fire of love.

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