3 thoughts on “Medjugorje are you listening? Watch this man’s heart convert at minute 1:42

  • This is a silly and misleading headline. There is no evidence in the video that anyone is having a conversion. Conversions are interior and not exterior. While exterior actions can reveal the interior reality, there is no external evidence of an interior change in this video. You should’t post sensational headlines without proof. When you lie like this it discredits the supposed apparitions of Medjugorie. It only provides more proof that those involved are spreading propaganda and promoting a hoax.

  • What I saw was the touching of a heart by Our Blessed mother! It is true it could be a moment of conversion.
    During apparition Miracles happen! We are all on a road of conversion. You can see the face and prayer of someone who has believed. A moment of grace and he definetely responded let us pray we all respond to Our Lady! Miracles of conversion and awakening happened for many including me during apparition with Ivan the visionary . Praised be Jesus and Mary now and forever. Hearts are moved this you can see. We pray we all continue to open our hearts. Thank you for this site, there are great things here and insights too. Encourage one another

  • I agree – it is a misleading headline and does nothing for the cause of Medjugorje which is a beautiful divine revelation for those with ears to hear. So often healing of the heart is a slow process because we can only cope with being fed tiny bits of spiritual food at a time. After all you can’t give a full meal to a starving person. It is a delicate situation and they can only take a little at a time…just like our hearts.

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