The sign above Medjugorje that happened will shake the world. We are aware of various events and miracles in many places and countries. 

Everything is fulfilled as it was said in Medjugorje and in the Bible. When Our Lady appeared to the young people in Medjugorje, almost no one believed them, so the seers immediately asked for a sign from Our Lady in order to convince everyone else that they were really seeing Our Lady. 

Many did not believe them, and the seers were sad and impatient, so they asked Our Lady every now and then for a sign. She answered them: ‘Be patient, my angels’. 

Over time, they stopped asking that question. A few months later, in October 1981, Our Lady told them: ‘My dear angels, do not be afraid. I will surely leave you a sign. I will fulfill my promise and leave you a sign’. 

Our Lady promised to leave the sign on the hillside, that is, at the place of the apparition, and according to the seers, that sign will be big, indestructible and permanent. 

It will not be made by human hands, but by God’s hand and will be a gift to all people as a confirmation that our Lady was really with us all these years, present as our Mother.

 In the book of Sister Emmanuela, a French nun who lives in Medjugorje under the name “Hidden Child”, it is told about a very old man from Medjugorje, who in 1901 made this incredible prophecy about a spring of water that would leak over Podbrdo. 

His name was Matè Sego and he was born in 1901. He never went to school, he could neither read nor write. He cultivated a small piece of land, slept on the ground, had neither water nor electricity and drank a lot of grappa. 

He was a man loved by many in the village of Bijakovići, always smiling and joking. He lived at the foot of Apparition Hill on Podbrda. 

One day Matè started talking:

1. “One day behind my house there will be a big staircase with as many steps as there are days in the year. 

2.Medjugorje will be very important, people will come here from all over the world. They will come to pray. 

3.The church will not be as small as it is now, but much bigger and full of people. It cannot hold all those who come. When the church of my childhood is undermined, I will die that day. 

4. There will be many streets, many buildings, much bigger than our houses that we have now. Some buildings will be huge. 

” At that moment in the story, Matè Sego becomes sad and says: 

5. “Our people will sell their lands to foreigners who will build on them. There will be so many people on my mountain that you won’t be able to sleep at night. 

At that moment, Matè’s friends laughed and asked him if he drank too much grappa. But Matè continues: “Don’t lose your traditions, pray to God for everyone and for yourself. 

6.There will be a spring here, a spring that will give a lot of water, so much water that there will be a lake here, and our people will have boats and tie them to a big rock”. 

However, far from various seers, prophets, dreamers, domestic mystics, we want to tell about the dream of a serious person, very healthy, without any mystical experiences, who, not knowing anything of what we wrote above, told the following. 

“You know, I dreamed of a visible sign that will be on Mount Pobrdo when the secrets are revealed. The source, the source of water that will flow from the Podbrdo hill.

 I dreamed that I was on Podbrdu and that a small spring of water came out of a small hole in the rocks. The water flowed down the hill, making its way between the earth and stones until it reached the small shops at the entrance to Podbrdo, which slowly began to flood. 

At that time, many pilgrims together with the residents of Medjugorje started digging to drain the water from the shops, but more and more water came out of the spring until it became a real stream. 

A pile of earth dug up by the people diverted the water to the road leading to the mountain, and the water crossed the road and headed towards the plain leading to the church, and there was a crowd of pilgrims on the edges all the way. 

The water itself dug the bed of the stream, which eventually fell into the river that passes behind the church. Everyone shouted at the sign and everyone prayed at the edge of the new stream. ” 

All this suggests and brings us back to the third secret of Medjugorje, which speaks of “a great sign on the hill, which man cannot make, will be visible to all and will remain there forever”. Water sources in Medjugorje, rivers, boats seem an absurd situation for a country that has always lived with the problem of water, even just to water the gardens. Will this be a sign? Water that cleanses bodies and hearts like in Lourdes?