Alexander was hopeless and in a vegetative state. But Mother Susanna goes to Medjugorje …

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Susanna’s testimony – 

I state that I come from a family in which the only believer was my mother. I  was always hindered in faith by my father, over time I came to call myself an atheist . In reality I believed in God, but I rejected the dogmas of the Church …. My mother died on July 12, 2004. And here we are on the fateful day … July 12, 2008 … When I get a phone call from a friend of my son Alexander … .”Alexander has crashed with a parachute from a height of 35 to 50 meters , he was taken with the helicopter rescue at the Maggiore hospital in Bologna, it is very serious … he is dying!” 

We leave immediately, my husband and I.
Brescia-Bologna is 50 minutes away, but those 50 minutes … marked the beginning of my conversion! I could not help but pray! “Our Father, Hail Mary, Our Father Our Hail Mary … .. Most Holy Mary, if you save him I promise you that I am going to Lourdes …”
We arrive in Bologna, we receive the doctor of resuscitation, Alessandro are working at the head, but the brain hemorrhage was so massive that it takes away all hope! And I continue to pray … maybe without conviction, perhaps because I can not do anything else, but I continue … Alexander leaves the operating room with half skullcap, keep him in intensive care, but still do not give us hope. For three days and nights we did not move from that corridor to the intensive care unit, without sleep and without eating. Then someone tells me that just upstairs (12th) is the chapel of the hospital , the one that will become my home for the whole year to come.
In particular I preferred the bench before the painting of the Madonna of life.
The first time I knelt in prayer before her, I felt … I do not know what it could be, not a voice, not a thought, but I heard these words: “Your arms are not empty!” 
I believe that anyone with children understands what it means! After a month Alexander was declared out of danger, but with the (terrible) diagnosis of “vegetative state” and the doctors gave me no hope of awakening! And I continue to pray.

After 4 months we manage to have him hospitalized (even if with little expectation on the part of the doctors) at the “Casa dei Risvegli” in Bologna. I live there, next to my son, day and night, I do not leave it alone even for a moment and after three months it seems to give some imperceptible signs … it was January 2009! One day in April 2009 I wake up one morning with a fixed thought I MUST GO TO MEDJUGORJE! I give myself some of the idiot, how can I leave Ale? And then I promised to go to Lourdes … .. I know nothing about this place, I heard him mention I do not know when and I do not know who …

The Journey to Medjugorje

Yet I keep thinking about it … I tell my husband and he tells me GO! Boh! What am I going to do, there will be a sanctuary like the others! And then I have never traveled alone, unthinkable to go abroad alone! I go, I commission a travel agency by phone, I find the flight to Dubrovik, the rental car, the board and after 3 days I’m on the plane..sola !. May 8, 2009. I arrive in Medjugorje, I stand in front of the church and pray, please, pray … for three days I’m there … because I DID NOT KNOWabout Medjugorje, the Risen Christ, the Apparition Hill, the Mount of the Cross, not I did not even know that Our Lady still appeared and that there were clairvoyants! Anything!
But the Gospa always thinks of everything! This is how she makes me meet an elderly lady, small, slim and very kind, who in the last hours of the last day of my pilgrimage makes me know everything there is to know! THANKS GOSPA! Since then I have not been able to stay away for more than three months! It’s the only place I want to be! I kept my promise, I went to Lourdes, but in Medjugorje the Madonna is VIVA (as Anna Eccle says) really!


The awakening from the vegetative state

It’s been 4 years, Ale lentissimamente improves , and I, through Mary, I’m going to Jesus! I hope I have not bored you too much brothers and sisters!
But I want to tell you that it’s been eight years and Ale is now walking
He understands everything, does not speak, but communicates with an alphabet on a tablet.
Certainly it is a great grace that the Lord has given us and I trust in Him because I am sure that there will be other progress!
Testimony of Susanna Turillazzi mother of Alexander