“Shaken to the core”…Official MovieTrailer “The Devil and Father Amorth” ..The only Vatican approved movie about Exorcisms.

"The Devil and Father Amorth"

“The Devil and Father Amorth”

The Orchard

“The Exorcist” director William Friedkin

 terrified the Venice Film Festival with his new documentary, “The Devil and Father Amorth,” and now everyone can see why in the official trailer. The non-fiction feature profiles the late Father Gabriele Amortha as he performs his ninth exorcism on an Italian woman. Friedkin was in the room for the exorcism, and it shook him to his core.

“It was terrifying,” Friedkin told Variety at the Venice Film Festival about recording the footage. “I went from being afraid of what could happen to feeling a great deal of empathy with this woman’s pain and suffering, which is obvious in the film.”

“The Devil and Father Amorth” opens in select theaters via The Orchard on April 20. Watch the trailer below.