John Paul II, every night before going to sleep, recited this most powerful prayer to the Holy Spirit. Oddly Claims it even helped him with his Math Problems when he was young.


In January 1980, John Paul II told a group of the Charismatic Renewal: “When I was a child I learned to pray to the Holy Spirit. When I was 11, I felt sad because I had a lot of math problems. My father showed me the hymn Veni Creator Spiritus in a booklet and told me: ‘Recite this and you will see that He will help you to understand’. I have recited this hymn every day for more than 40 years, and I have seen how much the divine Spirit helps us “.

Here is an Italian translation of the Latin text:

Come, o Creator Spirit,
visit our minds,
fill with your grace
the hearts you have created.

Or sweet comforter,
gift of the Most High Father,
living water, fire, love,
holy chrism of the soul.

Finger of the hand of God,
promised by the Savior,
radiate your seven gifts,
the word awakens in us.

Be light to the intellect,
burning flame in the heart;
heal our wounds
with the balm of your love.

Defend us from the enemy,
bring peace as a gift,
your invincible guide
protect us from evil.

Light of eternal wisdom,
reveal the great mystery to us
of God the Father and the Son
united in one Love.

Glory be to God the Father,
to the Son, who rose from the dead
and to the Holy Spirit
for all the centuries.