Soul from Purgatory Reveals Why We Should Not Hold Hands During Lord’s Prayer and Why the Devil Hates Dogs

story comes from “Mystics of the Church”

According to Austrian Mystic – Maria Simma the holy souls in Purgatory have revealed to her the following:

-That priests and nuns should always wear their habits/clerics, in as much as possible.

 -That Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers should be used very rarely, that is, only when it is absolutely            necessary; that priests and deacons should make every effort to distribute Communion to the faithful, even though it takes longer to do so.

 – That receiving Holy Communion in the hand should be avoided as much as possible.

-That holding hands during the Lords prayer and that the sign of peace after the Eucharistic prayer should be avoided in as much as it is possible, since both of these are a distraction from Jesus who is present upon the altar and that we should be concentrating upon Jesus alone during this important time of the Mass.


-That dogs are the most hated animals by the devil and the demons because they are the closest and most helpful animal to mankind.

6.-That outside of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph is one of the greatest Saints who advocates for the souls in Purgatory.  The Angels, especially St Michael the archangel, and also the poor souls own guardian angel are also very powerful in helping to obtain mercy and pleading their cause before God. Also very important is any Saint that the person might have had a devotion to during one’s lifetime.  Maria also pointed out that the Patron Saint of the poor souls in purgatory is St Nicholas of Tolentino

7 -The holy souls have also revealed to Maria that it is on Christmas day that the most souls are released from purgatory and then also Good Friday, Ascension day, All Souls day and the feast of the Assumption.

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Some important things that the holy souls have taught her over the years:

The holy souls have repeatedly told her that the greatest help for them that they can obtain from those here on earth is the offering of holy Mass. Next to the Mass, the holy Rosary and the Stations of the Cross are very beneficial to them.  Any sacrifice we make–even the smallest ones– offered specifically for them have a great value in the eyes of God, and greatly lessen their sufferings and time in purgatory.  The poor souls have told her that even the smallest prayer or sacrifice is like giving a cool glass of water to a parched sojourner travelling in the driest desert.

They normally appear to her in their normal clothes, that is, the ones that they most often wore during their lifetime, and they often have the appearance of one earnestly begging and desiring help.  Sometimes they appear somewhat distraught but this presumably is to elicit compassion on the part of Maria.  They normally appear to her looking as they did in the prime of their life, however children and teenagers always appear as they did right before their deaths.  And while there are indeed some children in purgatory, their Purgatory is normally not very long or painful, since during their lifetimes they often could not have committed any grave sin since they did not attain much understanding or discernment, and are therefore not accountable to the extent that an adult is.

The holy souls have also told her that there are many, many degrees in purgatory, and that the lower parts of purgatory are the most difficult and the most purifying, and this is where those with grave (severe) sins go–that is,  grave sins that have not been forgiven in the sacrament of Confession. As each soul makes reparation for his/her sins that they have committed against God and there fellow man, they are slowly purified and therefore they slowly make progress to the higher levels of purgatory. The souls that appear to Maria are almost always souls that are residing in the higher levels of purgatory.  Essentially, the more repentant and sorrowful one is for the sins committed against God and neighbor during ones lifetime, the quicker one progresses from the lower to the higher degrees of purgatory.

The greatest complaint from the souls in Purgatory- Abandonment by their loved ones
According to Maria, the greatest “complaint” of the souls in Purgatory is how they are almost completely forgotton by their family and loved ones–that rightly complain that they receive no spiritual help from those they themselves helped so much during life! How few prayers are ever offered up for them–even at their funerals! Yet prayer is precisely what they need the most! All the beautiful memorials, celebrations, tattoo’s etc done and given in their honor, while they may be good intentioned, in reality do nothing for them and in no way help to relieve them of their suffering/purification.

6 thoughts on “Soul from Purgatory Reveals Why We Should Not Hold Hands During Lord’s Prayer and Why the Devil Hates Dogs

  • I don’t agree with not holding hands or the sign of peace. Simply because holding hands is the church coming together in communion with Christ to pray to the Father and when you make the sign of peace you are really saying, “may the peace of Christ be with you.” It is all about Jesus. Also the devil hates everything that God loves not just dogs.

  • Also Eucharistic ministers are ok as well. And receiving communion in the hand is ok too. Did he not tell his disciples what ever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven and whatever you loosen on earth will be loosed on heaven? I agree that the rosary is good, mass and praying is good for souls in purgatory but a house that is divided cannot stand. Thus I question the validity of your source. Are you talking with souls in purgatory? Or are you misleading sheep?

    • Micheal Thomas, I have read a book about Maria Simms. Its called” Get Us out of Here”. From 25 until she died she received visits from Thousands of Poor Souls. The info above is just reporting what the Poor Souls told her, whether we like what they said or not. ( i understand ur concern, but i m glad to know what they said)

  • I agree with not holding hands. It is a distraction and people react differently. It is best that one focuses directly on Jesus and imerses oneself in prayer and meditation, rather than hold hands.

  • It is not the 1st time i hear this.
    I have, in my possession, a manifesto from the mid 1950’s. It is a paper with 33 points proposed by the Freemasons to be implemented in the Catholic church and included in the Vatican II changes.
    33 points of changes as the 33 degrees of Freemasonery.
    All of those points have been imlemented except 3 or 4.
    a) Communion in the hands.
    b) Sign of peace
    c) Turning the Altar towards the people
    d) Children no longer holding their hands together in sign of prayer
    e) Moving the Holy Tabernacle away from the centre.
    The proponents of these detrimental changes have succeeded in changing the celebration of the Holy Mass offered to God the Father and made the people the centre.
    I have been in some churches where the Holy Tabernacle is no were in sight”
    There is more…lots…lots more.
    The intend of All those changes were to disrupt and to take the attantion away from God. Given the state of Holy Mass today, you tell me if they were successful or not

  • Sign of peace ? Communion in the hand ? Receiving the blessed sacrament while standing ? Removal of communion rails ? No-one clasping their hands together in a reverential posture during prayer ? Tabernacles that can’t be seen in the church ( sometimes behind a wall outside of the sanctuary – I kid you not ) ? It is all stomach churning to me . I heard that 51% of Catholics voted for Barack Hussein Obama ! This intrinsically holy church is full of enemies seeking its demise . May the beautiful , dainty heel of the Blessed Mother CRUSH them that seek the ruin of our beloved church .

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