The Prophecies of the Weeping Civitavecchia Statue

In 1995, a small statue of the Virgin Mary began to weep tears of blood in the town of Civitavecchia, Italy. The phenomenon was witnessed by dozens of people, including scientists and journalists. The statue was eventually taken to the local bishop, who set up a commission to investigate the matter.

The commission concluded that the tears were not caused by any natural or human means. They also found that the blood in the tears matched the blood type of a man- The statue cried tears of the Blood of Jesus.. This led the commission to believe that the tears were a supernatural phenomenon.

The statue is now housed in a chapel in Civitavecchia. It has become a popular pilgrimage site for people who believe that the tears are a message from the Virgin Mary.

In addition to the tears, the statue is also said to have spoken to several people. These people have reported that the Virgin Mary has warned them about the dangers of sin, the importance of prayer, and the coming of a new era of peace.

Some of the prophecies that have been attributed to the statue include:

  • A great apostasy will occur within the Church. This prophecy is often interpreted as a warning about the dangers of secularism and the importance of remaining faithful to the teachings of the Church.
  • The family will be under attack from Satan. This prophecy is often interpreted as a warning about the dangers of divorce, abortion, and other threats to the family.
  • There will be a great war, but it will be stopped by the intervention of the Virgin Mary. This prophecy is often interpreted as a warning about the dangers of nuclear war and the importance of praying for peace.
  • A new era of peace will dawn. This prophecy is often interpreted as a promise that God will eventually triumph over evil and bring about a new era of peace and harmony.
  • The statue will be moved to a new location. This prophecy has not yet been fulfilled. However, some people believe that it may be a sign that the statue will be moved to a more prominent location, where it can reach more people.

Additionally, a little known fact about the statue is that it came to Rome from Medjugorje. On September 16, 1994, a priest of the little church of Sant’Agostino, purchased the statue of Our Lady in Medjugorje.

In the interview with Life Site News, Archbishop Viganò, said that not only did the statue cry tears of blood but during these miraculous events, Our Lady gave messages to Jessica Gregori the daughter of the owner of the statue who had received the statue as a gift from the parish priest.

The messages paralleled the messages in Fatima, and like Fatima Our Lady warned that Satan is out to destroy the family.

When Jessica, was asked about the central message given by Our Lady in Civitavecchia, she replied: “The main message is that they want to destroy the family. And then the apostasy in the Church and the risk of a third world war.”

Importantly, Pope Francis has spoken seriously that the world is not just heading towards WW3 but ominously he says the world has already entered into the state of World War. During the General Audience on August 28, 2022, he turned his attention to the ongoing war in Ukraine, noting that today we are living through a “third World War” – one that is being fought piecemeal.

He seized the opportunity to pray for the Ukrainian people, imploring Our Lady to support them in their “daily choice of goodness, justice and solidarity with those in need, generating hope, joy and inner freedom in your hearts.”

The authenticity of the prophecies has not been definitively established. However, the statue continues to draw pilgrims from all over the world. Many people believe that the tears and the prophecies are a sign from God that we are living in a time of great spiritual upheaval.

What do you think? Do you believe that the prophecies of the weeping Civitavecchia statue are true?