Vatican to Investigate Eucharistic Miracle / Multiplication of Food that Occurred in Connecticut

 The results of an investigation into the reports of a possible miracle at Thomaston’s St. Thomas Church have been sent to the Vatican.

On March 5, the Rev. Joseph Crowley, pastor of St. Maximilian Kolbe Parish, which includes St. Thomas, reported that during Holy Communion a lay person distributing hosts had found that the wafers had multiplied in the ciborium.

The Archdiocese of Hartford is looking into the possibility of an extremely rare miracle at Saint Thomas Church in Thomaston. This is potentially something incredible, and people Channel 3 talked to in Thomaston are taking notice.

You can support MYSTIC POST TV AT THIS LINK – THANK YOU… Father Joseph Crowley said there may have been an Eucharistic Miracle at the church earlier this month.

“What happened is our lord multiplied himself,” Crowley said. Crowley said earlier this month, as an Eucharistic minister was handing out host, which is bread for communion, a miracle happened.

The number of hosts that minister had actually went up instead of down. “We really do celebrate the life, death, resurrection of Jesus Christ and the alter, that the Eucharist really is the body soul and divinity of Jesus Christ and that all things are possible with God,” said Crowley. When the minister suspected they were running out of hosts to pass out, Crowley said they glanced around to find more, but when that minister looked back down, more hosts had appeared.

By the time communion was over, Crowley said there seemed to be either as many or possibly even more hosts in the ciborium than there were when he had first handed it to the minister. “It’s just so beautiful. God has been working so many miracles in our lives lately,” said Shaina Pia of Stratford.