The Stock Market is sinking. Chastisement, Russia War, Inflation Crisis – Markets Sink: When the Blessed Mother warned of a collapse “Everything around you is passing and everything is falling apart, only the glory of God remains.”

With Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and his threat of World War 3 and the use of nuclear weapons, the financial crisis comes at the most uncertain time in decades.  

The stock market is crashing. Inflation is surging, Interest rates are rising and people can barely afford Gasoline for their cars.

On  September 2, 2011 in a message to  Mirjana Our Lady warned that this day would come and we must attach ourselves to heavenly things, not modernism and worldly desires.

She said:

Dear children; With all my heart and soul full of faith and love in the Heavenly Father, I gave my Son to you and am giving Him to you anew. 

My Son has brought you, the people of the entire world, to know the only true God and His love. He has led you on the way of truth and made you brothers and sisters. 

Therefore, my children, do not wander, do not close your heart before that truth, hope and love. Everything around you is passing and everything is falling apart, only the glory of God remains. 

Therefore, renounce everything that distances you from the Lord. Adore Him alone, because He is the only true God. I am with you and I will remain with you. 

I am especially praying for the shepherds that they may be worthy representatives of my Son and may lead you with love on the way of truth. Thank you. ”