Russia and the Mysterious date of March 18th, 2024 (Is This How the End of Time Begins?)

Source: Fr. Livio’s Blog

The next Presidential elections in Russia will be held on March 17, 2024 and the new President will be proclaimed on March 18, the day of the annual apparition to Mirjana. Is it a random coincidence or a message to be interpreted?

Dearest Father Livio,

Also in this email of mine I would just like to provide food for thought. Therefore it is not necessary for it to be published.

As you will surely have already noticed (as a great expert in the Medjugorje apparitions), there is a further “coincidence” in these restless days that should be kept in mind. The elections that will be held in Russia next year will take place on the 18th of March. Same day as the apparitions to Mirjana. If I’m not mistaken, in an interview given to her, Mirjana said that the apparitions would take place on that particular day not because it was her birthday, but that we would understand the importance of 3/18 later. I’m not the type to make predictions or anything like that. However, I think it has some importance.

Allow me, always with humility and with the respect due to you, if it is feasible, to suggest an invitation, from the waves of Radio Maria, to radio listeners to do a novena of fasting and prayer before that event. Forgive me if I dare to ask so much.

Even a person with little training in international politics like me understands well that those elections could result in a major upheaval for humanity.

In fact, I read the article reported on your blog, by Stefano Caprio (Asia News). In that article, the figure of Putin as supreme leader of the Russian confederation was highlighted. He (Putin) was presented as “the refrigerator man”, indicating a certain intolerance towards this figure. Now anything could be said about Putin, without even resorting to imagination (and in fact there is no need).

However, one thing must be noted: Putin has not so far used unconventional weapons (in my ignorance I am referring to nuclear, chemical and bacteriological weapons) and has not so far undertaken openly hostile actions towards other neighboring countries. He always threatened… but he never did it. Yet, he could have.

Now with this election, a completely different scenario could emerge. Alternative personalities could emerge who would have no problem making certain choices.

You see dear Father, even if there were not the apparitions of Medjugorje and all the other innumerable apparitions to important figures of the church, provided for these times, it would take a little salt in one’s head to understand that these are not times to take a relax, as they say.

Radio Maria is “the voice of one crying in the desert”. But if the Lord wanted this voice, there must be a reason!!! I understand that the good Lord has never missed a beat. And like the Forerunner, Radio Maria leads the way to an Other. The Lord Jesus.

Dear Father Livio, even if I repeat myself, I don’t want to stop telling you that I love you a lot. I owe everything to Radio Maria.

I support you until the end and warmly invite you to continue the good fight undertaken so far.

I hope to meet her one day in Heaven along with all my other brothers and sisters.

Christ reigns!

To Him is the government of History! The Future belongs to Him!

Ave Maria!


Dear Pierfrancesco,

I think your writing is very interesting also because, as appears in the second secret of Fatima, Russia (not necessarily Putin) will be the main actor until the end of the secrets and the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

There will be time to reflect on this important intuition of yours. Even the article by a great expert like Don Stefano Caprio “The Frozen Putin” suggests that the situation in Russia may hold worrying surprises .

Ave Maria

Father Livio