“The only solution is confident prayer”

source Fr. Livio’s Blog

Dearest Father Livio, I have wanted to write to you for a while, I have been following your blog for a few years and I must admit that despite the ups and downs of life I have found a fixed point that has helped me not to fall into so many illusions.

I lost my father on January 29th and at that moment I heard the message of the Madonna addressed to me which said “this time is the time of prayer”. I only now understand how precarious our resistance is and how important it is to invest everything in paradise.

I understand the delicacy that you use when you don’t start waging “cultural” battles which are now so fashionable but which prove to be as sterile as they are dangerous because they risk obtaining the opposite effect to that for which they are carried out. In fact, they distance simple people from faith, which is what the devil wants.     

That there are problems within the Church is clear for all to see, that modernism has infected much theology is a fact and I could go on, but the fact that you have shown me with your daily work is that the the only solution is confident prayer.

Our Lady herself takes us back to the essentials of Christian life, it will be love that wins and the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary will be a triumph on all fronts, from peace in society to peace in the Church which will shine with the light of the truth of Christ .

United with the Supreme Pontiff, Christians will see much more than they dare hope for. I greet her with a hug and ask her for a prayer, I have other things I would like to say but for now I’ll stop here. If you feel it is useful to use what I have written to you, please remain anonymous.

Ave Maria 

Dear friend,

I was very struck by your letter, because it captures the essence of life, its irrepressible orientation towards eternity.

The death of a loved one helps us a lot to free ourselves from the ephemerality that ensnares and suffocates us and elevates the soul to the indispensable realities of life, which are the love of God and the happiness that he gives us.

Everything passes, only the love of God remains. The Queen of Peace reminded us of this cornerstone of Christian life in her extraordinary message to Mirjana on March 18th.

They are moving words that move and make the soul tremble, which feels the call of eternal Love from which and for which it was created.

It is in this love that we must believe and it is for this gift that we must make room in our hearts, uniting ourselves with Christ, the Son of God and Mary, who is the source of life and salvation, without which we would all perish in the uselessness of an empty life..

We can know and live this love in particular in these days by looking at Jesus in the hours of his Passion and asking for the grace to be able to understand and live it. Then “you will have peace and be happy” Our Lady assured us.

Peace and happiness is what every man desires, but he looks for it where it is not found. It is up to us, living the love of Jesus, to help “others to open their hearts so that they know my Son and love him”.

When the Reign of Peace says that “Victory is in love”, it means that, by living it, we will be victorious in the great battle that upsets the world and that the ears of good wheat will be victorious over the weeds that make hearts sterile.

Ave Maria

Father Livio