THIS IS A CHASTISEMENT: and here’s why – “We are experiencing more than a pandemic, this is a chastiesment.” Fr. Goring



True I feel it’s a chastisement I hope and pray it drives the Church to their knees and to Christ. May the LORD have mercy on our souls.
Jennifer goestoAdoration
Fr. Goring spells it out! My heart sinks as I continue to see our local priests, who are good and holy but sadly not fortified for the fight type men, duck and avert their eyes to the real, tough work of pulling souls out of the muck. They could rise to such greatness, and it is such a shame to witness. No chastisement after the Superbowl freak show. Our local, small town library had drag show story hour, not a peep. We have one priest who will say from the pulpit “we’re seeing terrible things,” and yet it is indirect, vague, not directed at the flock in a “stay away from these behaviors, influences” type of really clear teaching. You would be hard pressed to know these priests are pro life, anti-porn, anti-sodomy, pro marriage unless you personally know them outside their duties. It’s sad, but it also makes me angry. Something is very, terribly broken. Our Lady of Victory, prayers for our holy priests, lift them up, show them your Immaculate Heart that they might defend what is true, beautiful and just.
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Linda Davis
Praise to u lord jesus christ amen so true ?????????