The Guardian Angel saved my patient, I could not do anything

Miracles occur, both through the intercession of the Saints and the Angels. Here is a testimony of a miracle and the intervention of the Guardian Angel.

Miracles: the intervention of the Angels

Many are still those who doubt the presence of the Angels and how they can intercede with God so that he hears our prayer.


God never leaves us alone , especially in moments of suffering and deep anguish. Our prayer never stays there in the corner: he listens to everything. Our prayers of intercession towards the Saints and towards the Angels are an example of ever greater closeness and, if we pray with firm and certain faith, also of the fulfillment of that miracle which we have been looking forward to for a long time.

The story: “I prayed to divinity but did not listen to me”

This story gives us an example of how the Guardian Angels watch over each of us: “ Here in India, in difficult situations, we turn both to God and to other divinities, so that they come and save us. But I want to tell you about my experience that happened to me with the Angels “.

This testimony is from a doctor: “ I was operating on a patient and I was removing her gallbladder. […] Within a minute, the patient had lost 500 ml of blood. Only one unit of blood was available, but I could not pinpoint the extent of the bleeding. For this, I dabbed the wound and started praying . I asked the Guardian Angels to help me save that patient. They took her to intensive care and her condition began to recover . “

“I prayed to the Angel: he performed the miracle”

“[…] After 72 hours, we took her back to the operating room and the bleeding recurred. I dabbed again and started praying to the Angels again for help. […] The bleeding stopped and the area became completely dry. […] I never knew the cause of that bleeding, but the patient survived thanks to the intervention of the Guardian Angel “.

The incessant prayer of this doctor to God and his Angels: “ My prayers have been heard. The patient is still alive today . “

In times of anguish, during which we feel lost, God never leaves us alone. And this is proof of this.