Signs: Priest who will reveal the Ten Secrets of Medjugorje: “Because if we get rid of our sins, the same virus, even if it comes, will know that it finds nothing from us.” Fr. Petar Ljubicic.

Medjugorje secrets come into focus as Coronavirus surges 

A few years ago priest tasked with revealing the Ten Secrets of Medjguorje, Fr Petar Ljubicic used the word “Virus” when discussiing secrets and sins

How Secrets are Revealed:

Dear friends, don’t be afraid. This is the time for our conversion. We must free ourselves and be afraid of the crown of our sins.

Prayer, entrustment and deliverance from sin. No fear or shame.


Because if we get rid of our sins, the same virus, even if it comes, will know that it finds nothing from us. Prayer and fasting. “
(Fra Petar Ljubicic)


Father Petar, the visionary Mirjana has chosen been chosen to reveal the secrets that Our Lady has entrusted to her. Do you feel honored or afraid of it?

“When one evening about 25 years ago, in Medjugorje, I heard that Mirjana had chosen me to reveal the secrets, at first I believed in a joke. I said it was a very serious thing that people are not used to joking about. But then I kept thinking about it. I was wondering: Can it really be true? All this did not leave me indifferent. It was strange for me to imagine why Mirjana had to choose me. I considered it a great honor, but also a great responsibility. I can’t explain why, but I wasn’t afraid. Then when I met Mirjana, she asked me: “Do you know that when the time comes you will be the one to reveal the secrets?”. A thought crossed my mind: “But does it seem possible to you?”. I find it difficult to find the right words to express my feelings at that moment. I only know that I was crossed by a feeling of happiness and security.




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