“Our Lady multiplies the alarm signals and is manifestly concerned about our spiritual situation, in particular in the Parish of Medjugorje”


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Dear friends, the message of the month of May confirms Our Lady’s concern in recent months, in particular regarding the Parish that she has chosen to carry out her plans.

In fact, Our Lady said that she gives the messages firstly for the Parish and then for everyone else in the world.

The heart of this message is the warning addressed to us with unequivocal words: ” Children, you are still far away” .

In February 2024 he said: “The tares have taken many hearts and they have become sterile”. In September 2023 the warning was even more severe: “Modernism wants to enter your thoughts and steal the joy of prayer and the encounter with Jesus.”

Even in the past, Our Lady has issued warnings, sometimes very severe, so much so that she had suspended the Messages and threatened not to give them anymore. However, the parishioners have always reacted positively, resuming their spiritual journey with vigor.

Now the situation has been going on for too long without showing signs of recovery, but Our Lady cannot allow faith to cool down and Satan to become even stronger, just on the eve of the great trials that are about to befall the Church and the world.

For this reason, in the message Our Lady urges us to make a new beginning, re-proposing all the fundamental messages of the early times, in the hope that we will recover from the tired sleep of our souls.

First of all, the exhortation ” Convert again” resonates loudly , as if we were at the starting point on this journey. The Italian translation wanted to mitigate the text with “Convert always anew”, as if the change of words was enough to improve the situation.

Then “the Gospa” takes up the most demanding exhortations of the early days: “I invite you to pray from the heart”, “Choose the path of holiness and hope”, “Create prayer groups in which you will exhort one another to do good and grow in joy” .

The Mother is sweet (she calls us “Children” twice) but firm at the same time. Let us rejoice her Heart by putting her exhortations into practice, emerging from the swamp of mediocrity.

On the previous anniversary, Our Lady did not thank us with the usual: “Thank you because you responded to my call”. It was a wake-up call.

What will be the signal on the next anniversary, June 25, 2024? Let’s hope positive and encouraging. It will depend on us.

Your Father Livio

Message, May 25, 2024

“Dear children! In this time of grace I invite you to pray with your heart.

Little children, create prayer groups in which you will exhort one another to do good and grow in joy.

Children, you are still far away.

Therefore, always convert anew and choose the path of holiness and hope so that God will give you peace in abundance.

Thank You for answering my call.

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